It is okay for Raasta Green Park if women get harassed as long as they don’t lose money

 Why I had the worst eveteasing incident at Raasta Green Park!

Weekend is usually the time when you can let your hair down, chill with your friends and have a great time. Well just like a normal person this was my plan too, after attending an event, me and my friend Garvita decided to head out to some place to eat and catch up and we decided to go to Raasta Green Park, which was the biggest mistake.
We sat at a table for two next to the window and ordered our food. We were enjoying our food, when a group of three people, two women and a man, sat at a table next to us, they ordered beer, then I heard the man pass a lewd comment about the clothes and earrings that I was wearing while making fun of me to his female friends. Being infuriated by the comment that he passed, I confronted him right away, I told him that I had heard what he said about me to his friends. On being confronted out of the blue, he lost his wits, he said sorry and told me not to mind the comments that he passed about me. This infuriated me even further and I told him that I would mind it because obviously he was talking about me.
The conversation ended. We asked the guy from the management to remove them from the table next to us, to which the man denied passing any such comments and told the management ‘Aap unko hata do agar unhe itni problem hai”
On asking the management about the status of our request, he told us he could not do anything because he was not present at the time when the comment was passed and he did not even have any proof if I was telling the truth. After this conversation, the group sitting next to us ordered another round of beer and did a celebratory cheers. This totally turned us off, ruined our evening, we left our food uneaten and asked for the cheque.
On our way out, we had a conversation with the management guy once again and told him how disappointed we were at the way they handled things. We even told him that just because he did not want to let go of the 1000 rupee bill, it was okay for women to be harassed like this in their premises,  to which he replied “Ma’am hamare liye toh ek rupee bhi important hai”(even one rupee is important for us)
On asking the guy to show us the CCTV footage of the incident so that we could give him the “proof” that he required,  he told us that he would look at the footage.
So the moral of the story is, it is totally okay for Raasta Green Park, if women get harassed by men as long as they don’t lose any money. What saddens me ever more is the pseudo feminism. Everyone is a feminist on social media, why wouldn’t they be, it’s the new cool thing right now but if your own friend is passing lewd remarks on another girl, you will join in the fun.

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