Moda Yalda won the Best DIY Blog at Cosmo India Blogger Awards 2018

Well I am wayyyy too late! As most of you know Moda Yalda won the Best DIY Blog at Cosmo Blogger Awards 2018 held by Cosmopolitan Magazine India in March last year. I know I should have written this blog post long time back but I kept waiting for the pictures which I never got and now that I am leaving for Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2019 tomorrow, I thought I should pen down my feelings before I leave for this year’s extravaganza.

I remember when I received the nomination letter from Cosmopolitan India’s editor Nandini Bhalla last year I couldn’t believe it. I remember when I started blogging, it was my dream to be featured in the street style sections that the glossy fashion magazines featured, but actually getting nominated for an Award by India’s leading Fashion Magazine, one that have been reading since I was a teen, was definitely a very big deal for me. I was super excited, I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening.

Though I was super excited by the fact that I was nominated for the “Best DIY Blog” Category but I wasn’t keeping my hopes high. I did not want to get too worked up about winning, rather I wanted to enjoy the moment and cherish the fact the hard work that I had put into my blog over the years has finally been recognised.

The 2- day event started with my getting my first ever eyelash extensions and my eyes instantly looked better, bigger and I personally felt that I looked like Bambi.

The same evening we had the nominee dinner where all the bloggers who were nominated had a special dinner planned for them, it was a blind tasting and each course was paired with it’s own wine. It was an amazing experience and definitely a first for me. For the dinner I decided to wear a hand-painted saree from my label from the Valentine Collection and paired it with a hot backless denim crop top. I was super happy that I wore one of my own creations and I ended up getting so many compliments on the saree.

Love Saree for the Nominee dinner

The next day started with some panel discussions and lunch. I decided to go for a monochrome denim on denim look and wore a very comfy and very extra over-sized denim shirt and paired it with the a denim mini skirt. I added my silver fanny pack and micro sunglasses for the accessories and I decided to curl my hair.

The lunch was followed by a super pinterest-y shoot with Kerry Parker stockings, those stockings were what dreams were made off. I was supposed to pick up these stockings and a few other pieces but due to some confusion I couldn’t make these cities mine. However the pictures cakes out beautiful.

The shoot was followed by some chill time, meeting new people and chilling in one of the rooms, before I finally started to get ready for the award night. I made it a point to not think about the award night and feel anxious about the outcome. I decided to wear another one of my creations for the award night. I wore this hand-painted purple organza dress and decided for the dress to do all the talking and kept the accessories minimal. I wore my big gold hoops and layered my gold necklaces. I was super excited for some reason before the Awards and I was twirling.

And GUESS WHAT? MODA YALDA WON THE BEST DIY BLOG. Winning an award for my blog has been one of my dreams since the time I started blogging but I never actually thought that I would win an award for it. I mean there a plenty of bloggers that are doing some kickass work and my work being counted among the best of best is the biggest gratification I could ever get from blogging. I still remember everything from that day clearly even though a year has passed. It was time that the finally pen down these memories before I leave for Cosmo Blogger Awards 2019 and this time I have been nominated for the “The Best Fashion Blog Female” category. Fingers Crossed!

This award is dedicated to my mother, who never says no anytime I ask her to film my videos or shoot for my blog, she is my partner and there would be no Moda Yalda without her.

Kafi senti hogaya, enjoy some fun pictures now.

Spot me in the purple dress with my AWARDDDD!
Meet the winner “Best DIY Blog”
Picture with the winners.

Looking forward to having a fun time this year around.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my little memoir. Thank you for the love and support you guys show me. It means the world to me!

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