DIY week : DIY Collage wall pinterest inspired

As I told you guys in my previous post that I am doing a DIY week to celebrate my first 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Episode 1 was all about DIYing a dress from a Dupatta and this episode is all about DIY collage wall. I think we all have pinned pictures of collage walls on our decor pinterest boards and now is the time that we make one!

Check out the video below for the full tutorial.

I used my old paintings, doodles and all the things that my friends gave me as I wanted my collage wall to be very experiential and very me and something that makes me happy when I look at it. Therefore I decided against printing pictures from internet however you can totally do that too to make your collage wall.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, check out my YouTube channel for other episodes of DIY week.

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