DIY week : DIY Mismatched shell earrings

I hope that you enjoyed the first two episodes of DIY week and now it’s time for the third one. In this episode I am going to DIY Mismatched shell earrings because I am obsessed with beaches, anything that has anything to do with the beaches, shells, you know what I mean! So I decided to turn my obsession into a DIY. One of the two earrings that I am going to DIY are going to be mismatched hoop shell earrings and the other ones mismatched string of shell earrings.

Materials required :

  1. Earring hooks and connectors
  2. Shells with holes in them
  3. Gold hoops
  4. Thread and needle
  5. Pearls

The hoop earrings literally take a second to be made. Check out the tutorial to make these earrings for yourself in this video.

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