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Travel Guide : Colorful Tosh Village in Parvati Valley

( The Last Village in Parvati Valley)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a mountain person. I absolutely love beaches. But after my trip to Tosh in November last year, can I say I am a “both” person! There is something about mountains, mountains that turn into shades of pink and orange during the sunset and sunrise, the musky earthy smell of the hills with notes of pine and dampness of the trees and I can go on and on. There’s no denying that I am in love with the mountains.

I had this change of heart after I visited Tosh, a small colourful village in Parvati Vallley. Kasol being a popular destination amongst adventure seekers and tourists alike, I decided on exploring the lesser commercialised part of Parvati Valley and Tosh was the first name to pop up!


Two words-pack light, as Tosh doesn’t have a motorable road so you will have to trek carrying your own luggage. Do not pack your luggage it a suitcase, carry a backpack or a rug-sack. Pack comfortable clothes that do not weigh you down and allow plenty of movement. Trackpants, Sweatshirts, sunglasses and waterproof trekking or walking shoes should be on top priority when packing for your trip. Do not forget to carry a sunscreen. Layering is the key when travelling to such places and if you are visiting Tosh in colder months like November and December, thermals are your saviour.


We took an overnight Volvo bus from Delhi to Bhuntar. It takes approximately 6-8 hours and one ticket costs somewhere between INR 700-1000. Once we reached Bhuntar, we trekked to the Old Bridge from Bhuntar Fruit Market where we met our cab, which took us to the Tosh Village Parking. It took us 2 hours to reach Tosh from Bhuntar by road.

sunglasses vendor at Bhuntar Market


Tosh is the last village in Parvati Valley and it is by far the most colourful village that I have seen in my life. The bright coloured houses ranged from hues of parrot green, bright pink, purple, magenta to ferozi blue and royal blue. One could also see a combination of 2 bright colors like parrot green and purple in a single house. The houses are built in a typical Himachali style, with tapering slate roofs and rooms on the first floor, generally using the ground floor for storing grains, fire wood and keeping animals.

aerial view of Tosh Village


Tosh has an abundance of small cafes serving Indian, European, Italian and Israeli Food. Famous cafes are Blue Ivy Café, German Bakery (a bright green café) and Stonedage Inn Café (the best café in Tosh, I never imagined to find such delicious food at such a height with a beautiful view of the Valley and snow-capped mountains)

German Bakery Cafe, Tosh



If you want the best of comfort and luxury, Stonedage Café and Inn is the best place to stay. (More about it in the next post) Otherwise there are plenty of homestays available at a reasonable price.


April to October is the best season to visit. However if you want to experience the winter wonderland and the snow, November is a great time to visit Tosh. The Village remains closed from December to February due to heavy snowfall.

I spent an afternoon exploring the Tosh Village with my camera along with my friend Garvita and my mother, I hope you enjoy the pictures from this Photo walk.

Line of bright green, blue and purple houses
Woman from Tosh

Wooden Temple at the Centre of Tosh Village

Make shift tea stall in Tosh

I hope you guys enjoyed the photo story of Tosh Village.

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