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Tosh : Best place to Stay and Eat (Stonedage Inn and Cafe)

Where to stay and eat in Tosh


If you are someone who has visited Parvati Valley, you know that it is a backpackers heaven and you would rarely find resorts in this area. Hostels and homestays are the only options. While researching for my trip to Tosh, I came across the Stonedage Inn and I was surprised to find out that it was not a typical concrete resort, they have been conscious of the nature and their surroundings and have used natural sustainable materials like stone and wood for construction. So we booked our stay.

Stonedage Resort

I have already talked about all you need to know about Tosh Village and how to get to the village. The Stonedage Inn is situated on the outskirts of the village, we had to trek about 2 kms and cross a small wooden plank bridge (you already know this if you have seen my Tosh Vlog) to reach the resort. We had booked a cottage for our stay, it had a double bed made out of cement and a cute bunk bed, staying true their theme, stone and wood are the most used materials for the construction. The view of the apple orchards and the snow-clad peaks from our cottage was absolutely mesmerizing.

If you are travelling with a bigger group, you can stay at their dorms as well since we were a group of three we preferred the cottage.


view from the cottage

Stonedage Cafe

Stonedage Cafe has the most delicious food in Tosh, handsdown! The food is a little bit on the higher side as the village does not have a motorable road to carry the ingredients from the nearby market but it is worth every penny. The chef is really a sweet guy who is so passionate about the food he cooks. Travellers and backpackers from all around the village come to this cafe to have their meals, it really is finger licking good. You have to try their English breakfast, pancakes, pizza and the yellow dal.

Decor is very rustic and in symphony with the nature and feels like it is straight out of pinterest. The cafe has two levels, you can climb the wooden stairs and sit upstairs with the gorgeous view of the mountains in front of you. It is an Instagram worthy cafe with old wine bottles recycled to be used as water bottles, slate slab tables with a perfect corner to read books and chill.

Nutella Pancakes

cafe book shelf

English Breakfast
Reflection of the mountains on cafe’s window

Ferns and Wild Flowers

Read what Garvita has to stay about her experience at Stonedage here.

Room Tarrif :
Cottage : starts from INR 3800 (varies depending on season)
Dorm : starts from INR 1200 and varies according to the season

Cafe Tarrif : All dishes are price between INR 100-500

Check out their website for more details.

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Apple orchards in Tosh

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