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Spiti Road trip Day 1 : Khab, Nako Lake and Tabo Monastery

In my last post I talked in detail about how you can plan your Spiti road trip under a budget from Delhi and as I told you in the last post, in this post I am going to talk about our Day 1 of the Spiti road trip. The experience was surreal and words cannot do justice to how this trip made me feel but I will still try and put it down in words for you to read. It is going to be a long post with loads of pictures so brace yourself!

Day 1 of the Spiti Road Trip started with us packing our bags from Shimla and leaving around 9 am in the morning with Narender Bhaiya our driver (all details about booking the cab and the driver here). The first stop of the trip was a waterfall on the way to Narkanda and stopping at the waterfall made us super excited for the journey ahead.

Found this waterfall on our way to Hatu Peak, Narkanda

After the waterfall the next stop was Hatu Peak in Narkanda, this was the place from where we got the first glimpse of snow capped mountains and snow and also the first glimpse of blooming cherry blossom. This spot also had a small wood carved temple called Hatu Temple. The view from this spot was absolutely breathtaking!

Hatu peak Narkanda
Hatu Peak, Narkanda

After crossing Narkanda we took an overnight stay at The Hotel Tab Exotica in Kalpa (check out prices and more details here) . The Hotel had clean cozy rooms which had a beautiful view of the Kinnaur Kailash Range and simple healthy food.

We left early morning from Kalpa and our actual Spiti road trip had finally started. As we moved on, the vegetation started become sparse and the mountains started becoming more arid and dry. The first stop we stopped at in Spiti was the Khab or Khab Sangam, the point where the Satluj and Spiti River meet and that is where we got the view of the majestic brown barren mountains of Spiti. There is a small chips and maggi point at Khab next to the bridge with colorful prayer flags that move with the wind.

After Khab, the next stop on our Road trip list ( you can find it here) was Nako Village in Spiti. Nako Village is a small village in Kinnaur district located near the Indo-China Border. Nako lake that borders the village is the main tourist attraction of the village.

You find Nako Monastery overlooking the snow capped peaks when you enter the Nako Village. Nako Lake is a 15-25 mins trek from the village, there are no boards or signs to the lake but the people of Nako are very lovely and super-friendly, they guide and tell you the way to the lake.

small prayer wheels in Nako village
I found these small prayer wheels at various places in the village while trekking to the lake.

I couldn’t help myself but click pictures of various houses and interesting things while trekking to the lake.

The beautiful Nako Lake

The Nako Lake borders the village, the lake remains frozen most of the winter , the feeling of seeing the Nako Lake amongst the cold desert mountains was something else. The simplicity yet the grandeur of it all made me feel at peace with myself.

Finally the last stop of the Day 1 of our Spiti Road trip was the Tabo Monastery. We met the cutest little kids as we were entering the Tabo Monastery. This monastery was established in 996 CE and is the oldest operating Buddhist enclave in India as well as Himalayas.

Tabo Monastery
Tabo Monastery estd 996

When we first entered the monastery premises we saw the new Tabo Monastery and as we were going out one of the monks told as to go and visit the old Tabo Monastery.

The Tabo Monastery is made of mud and wood. The monastery also has a small kiosk that sells t-shirts, pens, postcards etc, we couldn’t buy anything as it was the prayer time and there was no one at the counter. When I entered the prayer room of the Monastery, I could feel the energy of the chants and the vibrations and I felt a warmth run through my body. It was a surrel experience.

These are the places that we visited on the first two days of our road trip to Spiti valley. Check out my vlog here and the post on how to plan your Spiti trip under a budget, if you are planning to visit Spiti anytime soon.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and it was helpful for planning your trip.
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