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Postcards from the streets of Mcleodganj

Whenever IĀ  travel to a place (which is not very often) I love to capture the streets, the people and the vibe of the place through my lens, mostly as postcards for myself so that I get to relive those memories. You already know this if you have read my post about the colourful Tosh Village, where I tried to capture the essence of the village through my camera.

I went to Mcleodganj in March for my birthday and I haven’t written half the posts about my trip, but I did write a post on the best cafes to eat in at Mcleodganj previously, and I also did a vlog on my YouTube channel. I feel like since I have started posting regularly on my YouTube channel, I am not being able to keep up with one post per week schedule on my blog, I feel like it is becoming difficult to strike a balance and then I also feel lazy about writing the posts. But that’s going to change now because I love writing here and I realise that every time I write a post!

prayer flags in McLeodganj
Colourful Tibetan Prayer flags at a cute blue house

I clicked this picture because of the colors. See how striking the blue house looks against the blue of the sky and the colorful prayer flags add a pop of colour.

town of mcleodganj
View of the town of McLeodganj from a random point during our trek

Pictures of random things that caught my eye during the trek, the bright yellow wild flower and small cafe called Cafe By Mistake!

Typical mountain vegetation
prayer wheels at Dalai Lama Temple
Prayer wheels at Dalai Lama Temple, McLeodganj
Souvenir shop in Temple MarketĀ 

The temple market of Mcleodganj has an array of small colourful shops selling a variety souvenirs, my favourite was the small prayer wheels and I regret not buying them.

mcleodganj market
colorful textiles at the Market

The McLeodganj Market has an array of colorful handicrafts and textiles. Embroidered kullu caps, small embroidered elephants, jewellery, bags, jackets, boots, souviners, the market did a overwhelm me.

Thangka Paintings
Beautiful Thangka Paintings sold at the market

The hand-painted buddhist style Thangka paintings displayed at an art gallery in the main market. These paintings are so detailed and intricate and have an abundance use of gold colour.

Mcleodganj Market
Lanes in the Mcleodganj Market

The small colorful shops infringe the cobbled lanes of Mcleodganj Market on both sides selling exquisite handicrafts and delicious hot food.

Stolen moments : Tourists buying souvenirs at random little shops that flank the market, to take those memories back in the form of souvenirs to their homes as a reminder of the place that they visited.

jewelry shop at temple market
Jewelry stall at Temple Market

Each stroll at the market started and ended with having these hot steaming momos.

Handicrafts in Mcleodganj
Handicrafts in Mcleodganj Market
mcleodganj main market
The hustle bustle of the market
Kalachakra Temple
Prayer wheels at the Kalachakra Temple in the middle of the market

I hope you enjoyed the visual journey to the Mcleodganj Market. This is definitely the kind of post that makes you happy while writing it.

Until Next Time

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