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Postcards from Mall Road Shimla

If you have been following my travel posts, you must have already read the two posts that I wrote already, best places to eat at in Shimla and Instagram Guide to spending the best 48 hours in Shimla and this post is the last one for the Shimla series and I would be writing about Spiti next!

Shimla during golden hour
Shimla during the golden hour

Whenever I visit a place, I try to capture the essence of the place I am visiting through pictures that act as postcards for me. I took some pictures when I went to Mcleodganj too and you can check them here. Also I did a survey on my Instagram stories some time back and majority of you said that you open my blog just to see the pictures, so this post is definitely for you!

Shimla from a window
Shimla from a window

I clicked these pictures at Mall Road Shimla and I clicked pictures of anything and everything that intrigued me! I hope you guys enjoy these postcards.

Taking sneaky pictures of beautiful houses on the Mall Road
mint house
Quaint hotels at the Mall Road
British Architecture
Mountains and the clouds
Fruit Market Shimla
Clarkes Hotel Shimla
The Aesthetic Clarkes Hotel in Shimla

I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures, these pictures bought back a certain sense of nostalgia for me.
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