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Instagram Guide to Spiti Roadtrip Day 2 : Langza, Komic, Hikkim

I was awestruck by how beautiful Spiti is on the first day of our road trip ( you can read about it here) but Day 2 in Spiti was all the more surreal and magical.

Our day started with having a hearty breakfast at traveller’s shed and then we started with our road trip. The first stop of the day was Langza Village.

Langza Village

Langza Village is situated at a distance of about 16 kms from Kaza (they place we were staying at, read all details here). We started around 10 am in the morning and reached Langza in an hour. The road had snow on both the sides and the view was absolutely stunning.

snow in spiti valley

We did take some stops in between to take in the beautiful sights and the gorgeous view and ofcourse take some pictures!

Langza Village is situated at all altitude of 14,500 feet and us famous for it’s Golden Buddha Statue overlooking the Spiti valley and this statue is said to be more than 1000 years old. The view of the valley from this point is absolutely stunning. Langza village is also famous for it’s fossils which are millions of years old and can be easily found under the sedimentary rocks. These fossils were sold by locals however I did not find anyone selling them as the rules have become strict and possessing a fossil in India is also illegal.

All the houses in the village are situated below the statue as a way showing respect to Lord Buddha and the locals believe that this statue protects their village.

mud houses in Langza Village

The houses in Langza Village are made of mud and are painted in the shades of white and maroon with prayer flags tied around them.

Komic Village

The second stop for the day was Komic Village, which is the highest village in the world connected by a motorable road. The village is situated at a height of 4587 mtr and has a population of 114 people. We were super excited as soon as we reached Komic because it started snowing and we had started singing and dancing as you might have seen in my vlog here.

Komic Village Spiti Valley

Komic Village (World’s highest village connected by a motorable road) in Spiti Valley

We also had some tea and local bread and biscuits at the world’s highest restaurant.

Then my best friend asked me to smile like the monk painted behind me and I failed miserably.

monk mural at komic village

This is us bidding good bye to Komic Village.

Hikkim Village

The third stop was the Hikkim Village, situated at an elevation of 14,400 ft and it is at a distance of 46 kms from Kaza. The main attraction in Hikkim is the Hikkim Post Office, which is the highest post office in the world.

I was super excited to send post cards from Hikkim to my friends and family. A single postcard costs about INR 25 and you can choose from the various postcards available to them. However, my friends never received the postcards that I sent them none the less it is totally worth the experience.

writing post cards at hikkim post office

Writing post cards and having tea at the world’s highest post office.

Mr. Rinchen Cherring (pictured in the photo below) as been working as the post master of Hikkim Post office since it’s inception in 1983. He carries mail on foot till Kaza.

Keylong/Key Monastery

When I researched about Spiti while planning the trip, Key Monastery was hard to miss, I would say that is one of the most popular tourist destination in Spiti, I was awestruck when I saw it in a picture but it was all the more beautiful when I saw it in front of my eyes.

Keylong Monastery is situation in Keylong Village. The Key Monastery is a beautiful three storied Monastery. The Spiti region has very vibrant and colorful monasteries with impeccable details and carvings however key monastery is painted in shades of grey and white that camouflage with the landscape giving it a raw and rustic beauty.

The Key Monastery is the largest monastery in Spiti valley. It has face several attacks in the past from Mongols, the Dogra Army and the Sikh Army and has also face natural disasters like earthquakes but it still stands strong.

The Monastery has 3 floors, one of the monks showed us around and even gave us a tour of meditation rooms and areas restricted to monks. At the end of the tour he gave us herbal tea and insisted he we have biscuits too.

People of Spiti are beautiful inside out.

Inside keylong monastery Spiti

Inside the Key Monastery in Spiti Valley

prayer flags at key monastery

The Monastery is painted white and grey on the outside but is all vibrant and colorful inside. At times, upto 500 monks study and meditate at the Key Monastery. If you are planning your trip to Spiti anytime soon, Keylong Monastery should definitely be on your list.

Decided to take a picture as this hand-painted Buddha Mural

Chicham Bridge

The last stop of the day was Chicham Bridge. Chicham Bridge is the highest bridge in Asia and it is constructed at a height of 13,596 ft. It is built above a deep gorge that is about 1000 feet high and this bridge connects the villages of Chicham and Kibber.

Chicham Bridge, Asia's highest bridge

We decided to visit the Kaza Local Market at the end of the day, to eat something, do a bit of shopping and buy souvenirs.

kaza local market

Kaza Local Market

It was a beautiful day that ended with us being followed by street dogs in the dark, my best friend being scared to death and asking random people for lifts and then we lost our way but finally we met a kind lady who showed us the way to our hostel. All’s well that ends well, right?

Do watch my Spiti vlog if you haven’t already.

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