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Instagram Guide : spend the best 48 hours in Shimla

Though Shimla is the perfect weekend getaway for us Delhites, for me the two days that I spent at Shimla were the buffer days we had between our travel from Delhi and the Spiti road trip (more on Spiti later). On a totally different note, I couldn’t think of a caption for this post but then I got inspired from my friend Mahima’s blog, where does these amazing Instgrammer’s guide travel posts (check it here).

If you staying at Mall Road Shimla, there are a few touristy places like The Ridge, Shimla Library, Jakhoo Temple and Kufri that you can visit.

Christ Church Shimla
Christ church Shimla

Let’s get started with Day 1!

Shimla Library
Shimla Library is one of the oldest landmarks of Shimla, your trip cannot be complete without getting a few pictures here.

Our Day 1 at Shimla started with us reaching Shimla around 6 a.m. by Volvo that we took from Delhi. We took a cab from the bus stop to Mall Road, carried our luggage all the way, to look for a hotel and we weren’t so lucky, we settled for Hotel Kwality which was in front of the Mall Road lift, when we came back to the hotel in the afternoon we got to know that the hotel had no running water in the toilets since we left. We had to change our hotel in the night without getting any refund . So one tip would be take your time in checking out a few hotels and ask for details like running water before deciding on one!

We started the day with a hearty breakfast at Wake and Bake cafe (read about it here) and spent the first half of the day walking around Mall Road and The Ridge. I was overwhelmed with the old British style architecture and took a lot of aesthetic pictures. We walked around the Ridge, enjoyed the cool mountain breeze and decided to visit the Christ Church. Christ Church is pale yellow church that stands taller at the centre of the ridge, it is built in Neo-Gothic style and is the second oldest church in north India.

After doing all the touristy things at the Mall Road, we decided to head to Kufri. We took a cab from the Mall Road lift and headed to Kufri. Kufri is at a distance of 17 kms from Shimla and it takes about 50 mins to reach Kufri. Going to Kufri was a flop plan because there was absolutely nothing to do there if you don’t want to do horse riding. Also there are no cafes or markets around. We just clicked a few pictures at Kufri and left for the Jakhoo Temple.

kufri hillstation
Just casually taking some pictures inside a stranger’s house in Kufri.

We visited the Jakhoo temple and headed back to Shimla taking a stop at a sightseeing spot called the Green Valley. It was a beautiful spot, all I could see were the green pine tress and I also spotted some wild purple flowers that had my heart.

Green Valley shimla
Green Valley enroute Shimla

We reached Shimla around evening and then we walked around and we found a less crowded spot to watch the sunset from, next to Clarke’s Hotel Shimla.

Shimla Sunset Point
Watching the sunset from our secluded sunset point!
Clarkes hotel
The golden hour glow!

After watching the sunset, we headed to Cafe Simla Times (our favourite cafe) for dinner. Also after reaching back to our hotel, we had to find another hotel and shift into that with our luggage because of the water issue! Phew!

Day 2

Our Day 2 at Shimla was a chill day after coming back from our epic Spiti road trip (watch the vlog here). We started our day by waking up early and heading to Indian Coffee House for breakfast ( read about what we ate here) and being disappointed with the food.

I couldn’t go inside the Church on day 1 so that was on my agenda and I made it, turns out the main entrance had been closed and we had to take the side entrance to go in!

Inside christ church shimla
A very happy me inside the Christ Church.

Next we headed for brunch to Honey Hut, basically the rest of the day was spent eating, chilling and shopping.


Mall Road has numerous shops but most of them sell things and souvenirs that one can easily find in Delhi, so it’s no use spending your money on those things, but me being me, I did find some hidden gems.

handicraft shop shimla
Decora handicrafts was another shop that really excited me, the old man seen in this picture is the owner of the shop. They had very unique jewellery and I bought a vintage hairclip from here for INR 180.
shopping in shimla
While walking at Mall Road I randomly saw a cute little vintage purse at display in this shop called DuliChand and Bros, I went in to ask the price and it was only for INR 150, I bought it in a jiffy. The shopkeeper (an old man) did not have the chain to the bag and told me that people don’t buy these bags anymore and they had stopped making these 10 years ago!

I did buy a few hand embroidered khadi suits that I saw at almost all the shops selling suits on the Mall Road Shimla. We also bought fresh black cherry jam and chutney from a man selling it on the Mall road and hands down it is the best jam that I have ever tasted. I also found a few Chinese shoe maker shops that made handmade shoes accordingly to your feet measurements and the style you want, but I did not have the time to get one made for myself, but there’s always a next time!

I was intrigued by this shop that sold antique maps, movie posters, post cards and books and when I went in, the shop smelled like old paper and thinking about it makes me feel nostalgic!

Shimla mall road shopping

I also went into this photo shop called Bindra Studio and talked to the owner there, he was an old and rude man, but he did reluctantly tell me that he does all his photography on film camera. The studio also had a lot of antique cameras in working condition. He clicks pictures on film, develops them and then the pictures are hand painted like it was done in earlier times and you get three options to choose from Black and white, Sepia and coloured. I was very excited but I decided to not get a picture because of the weird behaviour and the unwelcome vibes I felt and they also told me not to take pictures of the shop after I took this one!

mountain rose
A random picture of these flowers growing at Mall road that I loved!

Where to stay : There are a lot of hotels at The Ridge and Mall Road. The price range usually ranges from INR 1200 to INT 2500 depending on the season and location. Our hotel costed INR 2000 per night with extra bedding so that turned out to be INR 666 per person.

Travel : We took a Volvo from Delhi to Shimla and it costed us INR 1300.
We covered Mall Road and The Ridge on foot.
We took a local cab from Shimla to Kufri round trip and it costed us INR 1000.

Food : We ate at various cafes and you can read about them here.

A trip to Shimla for 2 days would cost around INR 4000 per person when travelling in a group of three people.

I hope this post helps you plan your weekend getaway to Shimla.
Watch my spiti vlogs here on my YouTube channel.
Until Next Time

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