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Handicraft Fair

Greater Noida Handicraft’s Fair
Place : City Park
No entry ticket
23rd to 28th January


Greater Noida has completed 25 years and the whole town is in festive spirits. Everything is decorated like it’s Diwali all over again. The Handicraft’s Fair was something I was super excited about (like every-time) and I was happy to see how Greater Noida has amped up it’s game this time. I had the pleasure of talking to few artisans and taking a few pictures in between the shopping spree.

Ceramic Clay Statues
Place : Faridabad

This was the first stall that could my eye. It has beautiful handmade statues made up ceramic clay. These statues don’t break if they fall, the artisan proudly told me. The details on each piece is absolutely stunning.
Colors available : black and brown
Price range : INR 150 – 1000


These statues are handmade and handcrafted. I absolutely loved these pair of elephants with beautiful peacocks carved all over them.




Artificial Jewelry
Price : INR 50 – 600

This stall had beautiful bead jewellery in an array of colors. These were the surplus export pieces so the prices were really pocket friendly. This huge red and white bead necklace was for INR 150 ($2.21). I bought a beautiful grey beaded scarf necklace with chain tassels for INR 50 ( $0.74 ) and the embroidery on that it is to die for.


This rainbow colored necklace in the center was for INR 130 ($1.92) . All the jewellery available on the stall was handmade and handcrafted.


Kashmiri Stall
Price : INR 50- 10,000


This stall was selling anything from overcoats to unstitched as well as stitched suits, sarees, stoles and bags with kashmiri embroidery. This bag is for INR 50 ( $0.74 ). The stall had both hand-embroidered and machine embroidered pieces.


Rajasthani Furniture Stall
Price starting from INR 600


This was the definitely the most colorful stall of the lot. It was selling beautiful table, chairs , Jharokha frames and everything was hand-painted and handcrafted. Each piece was made from wood and hand-painted by artisand in Rajasthan. Each piece was a master piece in itself and I felt that the prices were nominal when compared to the amount of work put into each piece.


Hand-painted and handmade turquoise side table for INR 1300 ($19.19).


Low elephant table for INR 600 ( $8.86)


Metallic bull showpiece INR 500 for the small one.


INR 800

Pottery Stall

It had everything from kettles to saucers to cups to wind-chimes.


How cute are these colorful bird houses?


Thailand Stall

The Thailand Stall had pretty lamps, Aroma kits and hairbands.


You can find various stalls selling overcoats and jackets at throwaway prices so you can save your trip to Sarojini Nagar. I did buy quite a few things from there which I would be sharing soon.

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