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Found these cute cafes at Mall Road Shimla that you can’t miss!

Two weeks ago, I was having a splendid time in the hills away from Delhi’s heat. I spent a week in the hills and it was an epic trip because I was travelling with my best friends, you can catch a glimpse of them in my vlog here.

We had planned a road trip from Shimla to Spiti, so our journey began at Shimla. We had two days in Shimla, that involved a lot of shopping and eating around as our hotel was at the Mall Road, Shimla (more on that later, in another post). Mostly all of our time was spent on the Mall Road. I did eat at a lot of places, but here these four cute cafes at Mall Road, Shimla that you can’t miss!

1. Wake and Bake

If you are looking for a place to have a scrumptious breakfast, Wake and Bake is the place to be. It is opposite the police headquarter and the food is to die for.

Wake and Bake Mall road Shimla
View from Wake and Bake Cafe, Mall road, Shimla

We ordered a Vegetable English Breakfast, a non-vegetarian english breakfast, coffee, peanut butter waffles and Nutella crepes ( better look at the food here). I do not drink coffee but my best friend loved it. The portions were huge and we had a hard time polishing everything off.

Peanut Butter waffles
Peanut Butter waffles with whipped cream
wake and bake cafe
An artsy picture of me?

Price : INR 800 for two people

2. Cafe Simla Times

Cafe Simla Times, Mall Road, Shimla
Cafe Simla Times, Mall Road, Shimla

Tbh, Cafe Simla times is the cafe we spent all our evenings in Shimla at. It is a five minute walk from the Mall Road lift. The cafe has various sitting options, you can either sit inside or sit outside on the roof that has a beautiful view of the hills. Cafe Simla Times also has live musicians on the weekend.

View from Cafe Simla Times
The view with my belated birthday brownie.

The cafe serves various cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Italian and Mediterranean. I had a Chicken Green Salad and also tried their chinese. The Chinese was a little bland for my taste but the vibe of the place totally makes up for it.

Indoor Siting

The indoor sitting had a very rustic decor, with hand-painted walls and shelves with various books kept on them, that you could read while enjoying a hot meal.

hand-painted roof, Cafe Simla Times
Hand-painted roof with the map of Shimla.

Price : INR 900 for two people (serves alcohol)

You can also check out my vlog to see what I ate at Cafe Simla Times and at Wake and Bake.

3. Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House, Mall Road, Shimla
Indian Coffee House, Mall Road, Shimla

Indian Coffee House is an iconic eatery and coffee house at the Mall Road in Shimla. It was established in the 1950’s and is one of the first eateries/cafes’s that came up on the Mall Road.

The place has a very old school rustic vibe with it’s big leather couches, old handmade posters framed adorning the walls and uniformed waiters. We woke up around 7 in the morning to reach the place around 8 a.m. for breakfast.

Inside The Indian Coffee House, Shimla
Waiter uniformed in white.

The place serves very simple food at very nomial prices. You get options like omelette, cutlet along with South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli etc. I ordered an Idli and pineapple juice. I wasn’t particularly happy with it but this place is must visit for it’s history. It is a very popular breakfast spot for locals and tourists alike.

Price : INR 300 for 2 people

4. The Honey Hut

The Honey Hut is a very pinterest-y cafe at the Main Mall Road in Shimla. It is small cute cafe with big floral couches, mint walls and a beautiful view. The Honey Hut uses natural organic honey in all their preparations and it instantly become our favourite hangout spot.

My best friend is a coffee addict and a coffee expert and she told me that she had one of the best coffee’s of her life at the Honey Hut.

Honey Hut, Mall Road Shimla
Muffin I love you!

We went to Honey Hut for late night desserts and for brunch the next day. We had chocolate muffin, coffee, slush and honey chilli potatoes in the night and I had hot honey chocolate milk and honey lemon cake to go with it for the brunch. Everything tasted extra delicious because of the honey in it.

honey cake at honey hut
Hot honey chocolate milk and honey cake
View of shimla from Honey Hut
Honey Hut Shimla
Honey Hut Shimla

Price : INR 500 for 2 people

I hope you have jotted down these cafes to try out the next time you visit Shimla.
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