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Best cafes in Mcleodganj, you can’t miss these!

Well well call me lazy cause this post is coming to you from March 2018 when I went for my birthday trip to Mcleodganj with my best friend and we had three amazing days of our live, you can check out my Mcleodganj Vlog here. It’s not even funny that every place that you enter to eat in at Mcleodganj has crazy amazing food. However if you are not the trial and error person or you have less time, I have decided to put a list of best cafes¬† in Mcleodganj to eat at.

Jimmys Bakery Cafe

Jimmys Bakery Cafe
First stop for breakfast was Jimmys Bakery and Cafe
Jimmys Bakery Cafe Mcleodganj
Jimmys Bakery Cafe Mcleodganj

Since we had done all the research about Mcleodganj before leaving for the trip, we wanted to eat at the famous Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen however we mistook it for Jimmys Bakery Cafe but the food did not disappoint us. We ordered English breakfast and Bruschetta and drinks to go with it. The cafe was really cheap when compared to the so called fancy Delhi cafes and we got all this under INR 500.

best place to eat breakfast in Mcleodganj
English Breakfast at Jimmys Bakery cafe
Mcleodganj cafes
Me sipping on my iced tea

There were seating options to sit both inside and out on the little deck they have, we decided to sit outside and bask in all the sun!

Price : INR 500 for 2 people

 best bruschette in mcloedganj
Tomato and pesto Bruschetta was so yum!

Snow Lion Restaurant

Snow Lion Restaurant Mcleodganj
Kitchen – Snow Lion Restaurant

So we went for a trek for a trek after our breakfast and we needed a hearty lunch after that since we were in mood for some hot homemade style food we entered the Snow Lion Restaurant. A cozy place to eat, it was the it place for the monks to eat. We ordered hot chicken thukpa and it definitely was the best thukpa I had.

Price : INR 500 for 2 people

Chicken thukpa bowl Mcleodganj
Chicken Thukpa Bowl

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen

Jimmy's Italian Kitchen Mcleodganj
Jimmy’s Italian Pizza¬†
Happy me at Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen

So for our early dinner we finally found the famous Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen, it is in the middle of the Mcleodganj Market, keep an eye for the yellow board as this place is easy to miss. We went up the stairs to the first floor and entered the cafe. It is a cozy little cafe with beautiful interiors and a gorgeous view of the valley. We ordered a pizza, no surprises there! And it was a pizza to die for.

Price : INR 600 for 2 people

interior of the jimmy's italian kitchen
Beautiful interior of the jimmy’s italian kitchen
view from jimmy's italian kitchen
View from our table
Pizza at Jimmy's Italian Kitchen
Pizza at Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen
interior of jimmy's italian kitchen

Moon Peak Expresso

Hibiscus Iced Tea
Hibiscus Iced Tea
Apple Tart in Mcleodganj
Apple Tart

Moon Peak Espresso is a small cafe in Mcloeaganj Market on the Temple Road. I had Hibiscus Iced Tea and Apple pie tart at this cafe. Hibiscus Iced Tea was a hit but Apple pie was a miss. I cut my mini chocolate tart makeshift cake here the next day and it was so delicious.

Price : INR 400 for 2 people

makeshift chocolate tart birthday cake
view of temple road flea market McLeodganj
View of Tempe Road Flea market from Moon Peak Espresso Cafe
Mcleodganj Market
McLeodganj Market

McLlo Cafe and Bar

McLlo Cafe McLeodganj
McLlo Cafe McLeodganj

This is the first cafe that you see when you enter the Market from Mcleoganj Bus stand. It is on the first floor and has cozy dark wood decor. the menu has a lot of options ranging from Italian, Chinese, Indian, Asian to Tibetan food. However the staff here was pretty rude, we had to ask for water 5 times and same was the case when we wanted to order. I ordered apple tea which tasted great but we were pretty pissed with the service so we decided to eat at some other place. On the brighter side the place does have some clean washrooms.

Price : INR 800 for 2 people

Apple Tea at McLlo Cafe
Apple tea at McLlo Cafe

Street Food

Momos in Mcleodganj Market

Well I have this theory that never miss out on the street food wherever you travel. In McLeodganj, you cannot miss the hot momos that literally are available at every corner of the market. I did try some biscuits and cakes too from the local bakeries. Though the street food gets a renewed life as the sun sets, there are various vendors that put up their stalls in the evening selling fried meat etc. It’s a bummer that I couldn’t try that, but if you are visiting McLeodganj anytime soon, make sure that you do!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
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