DIY week : DIY dress from Dupatta

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I don’t know if you guys are aware of the fact or not but I have a YouTube channel where I hit my first 1000 subscribers after the longest time. I am very excited about the fact that I finally hit 1000 subs so I decided to celebrate by doing what I love, by uploading […]

Travel Diaries

Postcards from Mall Road Shimla

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If you have been following my travel posts, you must have already read the two posts that I wrote already, best places to eat at in Shimla and Instagram Guide to spending the best 48 hours in Shimla and this post is the last one for the Shimla series and I would be writing about […]


What “Camp” meant this Met Gala

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Well if you also thought camp is supposed to be bonfires and tents, you aren’t alone! But what this year’s theme Camp : Notes on Fashion meant an aesthetic that depicts something so bad that it is good, camp has an ironic appeal, something so extra that it looks normal, something so ugly that it […]