Are you wearing Poochki?



I visited a cute little studio recently. I was surrounded by colorful Indian fabrics, cowri shells, threads, buttons – a beautiful chaos.



Poochki , named after their miraculous manx cat ( I did have the honor of meeting Poochki ), is a brainchild of  Textile Design Graduate Ishaane Mukharjee and Anirudh Chawla, a former hotelier. Even though Anirudh has not trained in this field his creative bent drew him to do so. Poochki cherishes the textile traditions of India and aspires to present the traditional techniques on a global platform.



Ishanee working on one of her designs in the studio.



“Nothing can be more inspirational than the beautiful nature we see around us everyday ” , they tell me excitedly. This idea resonates in all their prints, be it the wasp print, the fish print and the gecko print being my favourite. Most of the prints have been taken from the fauna seen in the city.


I asked Ishanee to try on one of her designs as we continued talking about Poochki.  ” I always had the knack of being creative. (I) Loved art since I was a child, since my interest lay in detailing, my mentors suggested that textile would be apt for me”, Ishanee told me as I was adjusting my camera settings and scouting locations for the shoot.


Poochki gives a lot of attention to detailing. Use of cowri shells being one of their signature styles. Inspired from the banjara’s use of cowri in their clothes, Ishanee has used them in her clothes made for the modern women.



So how did Poochki happen? “We have always wanted to do this, was planning it for so long. One day we got the fabric and made the designs and people actually wanted to buy those”.




A lot of work and effort goes into making clothes at the Poochki Studio. Sourcing for the perfect fabric might take days. All the prints are conceptualized taking inspiration from the fauna which makes their clothes are unique.




Printing is done using the traditional art of block printing in village called Sadarpur in Uttar Pradesh. The wooden block used for printing is made by National Award Winner Arshad Kafeel. ” I strongly believe in keeping alive the craft traditions of the country alive”, Anirudh tells me.



I totally love how her blue hair compliments her dress. Ishanee gives the dress a modern twist by pairing it with her holographic flatforms. Don’t you totally dig the minimal effortless styling? This dress can otherwise be worn as a kurta with churidar or leggings. Poochki gets full points on catering to the needs of women of all ages.




 Ishanee happily posing in one of her own designs!



The quirky prints were a result of  Anirudh’s vivid imagination and Ishanee’s illustration skills. The wasp print showcases their amazing skills with illustrations. Poochki’s colour pallete consists of earthy tones like reds, oranges and rust as well as indigo blues and greens.


Poochki uses traditional indian materials to create something innovative and edgy for the modern women.Designs ranging flowy  silhouettes to crisp lines. You guys already know my love for handicrafts, indian fabric and fusion so this brand provides it all. This duo has a long way to go.

Do give their beautiful designs a peek.
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Also Poochki is having a pop-up shop this Sunday, don’t forget to drop by and say Hi!


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    Loved your style. I am a very big fan of blue hair colours. Your hair looks awesome.
    Please tell me which colour are you using?


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