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AnnaMaya – Modern European Food Hall

Anna Maya edible flower installation

The first thing you notice when you enter AnnaMaya is the beautiful floor tiles and the exaggerated imitations of Indian edible flowers hanging on the walls. As you take it all in and move forward, you see a beautiful dessert bar on the left and a glass wall casting orange, green and yellow shadows on the floor as you sit on the aesthetically placed couches and enjoy your dessert.

Dessert counter Anna Maya Delhi
A fresh juice counter where you can get a customised glass of fresh juice from the seasonal produce available. AnnaMaya is all about bringing stories to your table in the form of food through their indigenously sourced local produce and artisanal products.
Fresh Juice Bar
AnnaMaya named after the “Goddess Of Food” follows the mantra of mindful eating. Most of the ingredients used in cooking are available on the shelves to buy. You can get your fresh breads baked from the organic flour available according to your own likes and dislikes or buy their micro greens. AnnaMaya raises awareness about local small-scale farmers through its food.
Organic baked breads
Micro greens
Apart from sourcing locally grown indigenous produce, AnnaMaya also grows it owns micro greens in its green house and uses them in their various dishes and salads. The micro greens are used are aged between 4-40 days, at the age of 40 days the micro greens have the highest amount of nutrient available.
The Fresh Aloe Vera bread with micro greens is one of my favourites. I was skeptical about the Aloe Vera at first but it tasted absolutely delicious. The bread is coated with chilli oil (which is available for retail), layered with aloe vera and oranges and topped with fresh micro greens. The chilli oil, orange and micro greens create a burst of flavours and aloe vera cools it down.
Fresh aloevera and micro greens bread
Anna Maya Delhi
Experimentation is a crucial part of cuisine at AnnaMaya. The best example is the smoked masala lamb chops, chilli maze and tamarind curd.

Mutton rib Anna Maya Delhi

Roasted new potatoes
Roasted New Potatoes with Zakiya seeds

lotus steam gravy


Lotus Stem Gravy had a beautiful creamy texture and perfectly balanced spices and perfect companion to go with the breads. Everything is aesthetically served in locally sourced Jaipur pottery. Linguine with asparagus, garden peas, snow peas and poached eggs was a perfect balance of flavours.


Linguini pasta

Jaipur pottery

For a person like me who cannot eat too much sugar at one go, Vanilla Eclair was the star dessert foe me. Perfectly sweetened whipped cream topped with bitter chocolate and layered with whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce. I am not gonna lie when I say I had two of these.

Vanilla Eclair

White chocolate donut

 Meal for two : INR 2200 (approx)

What I suggest : Linguine , Aleo Vera with fresh micro greens, Mutton chops and Vanilla Eclair.
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