Why Women Can Never Have Enough Shoes?

Why Women Can Never Have Enough Shoes?

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Women’s fascination with shoes needs no introduction. In general, if most people wear their hearts on their sleeves, the female fashion demographic wears their hearts on their soles, claims Vivian Cristofoli. That said, it’s weird to think that men were the first gender to wear heels, bearing in mind that this particular type of shoe has always been associated with women.

For a design that fits perfectly to the curvature of women’s feet, it wasn’t until the 1600s that females began fixating on high heels, according to Today I Found Out. Historic accounts even state that Persians were the first ones to wear heels way back in the 9th century. By looking back at some of the female fashion icons of the not-so-recent past, people can see how often it is articles of clothing become associated to a specific part of their look.

There was Audrey Hepburn and her signature pixie cut, the direct opposite of the oozing sex appeal of someone like Marilyn Monroe for the greater part of the ‘50s. Ages ago, Marie Antoinette trademarked French fashion by familiarising everyone with chemise a la reine, a light and simple garment made from layers of thin muslin, as explained by The Fashion Historian. Women can even look back to the ancient Egyptian era and understand how its fashion is still influential up to this day.

Cleopatra was not just a leader in her time; she was also a definite style icon. In addition to propagating what’s known today as “sphinx makeup,” she found a way to combine Greek elements into classic Egyptian clothing. Her classic beauty has even crossed over to other industries, including contemporary gaming. She’s been used as the main character on one of the best selling PC franchises of all time, Civilization, as well as playing a leading role in the online slots game Cleopatra Plus which is featured on the highly popular gaming portal, Pocketfruity.

For these iconic women, their shoes weren’t exactly the main focus of their style. Yet as the years go by, more and more ladies today grasp the idea of how different types of footwear can be the absolute deciding factor – the total complement to their look. In more ways than one, it justifies the common notion that females have excessive pairs in their closets.

Every pair of shoes reflects a woman’s taste in fashion, as well as who they really are as a person. Shoes have this transformative power that gives them confidence. Essentially, shoes are an extension of someone’s character, and the simple truth that women have become sort of addicted to collecting them shows just how empowering shoes can be. So as the classic line from ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ goes, “you can never have enough gloves, hats, and shoes.” It couldn’t be more true in the current climate.

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