Winter Vaccation

With a smile as warm as the winter sun,


She shook spring’s hand,


She danced in the sun,


The flowers she adorned sang songs of spring,


The winter is too cold,


Enchanted by her the leaves growl like ghosts.


The birds sing no song unless it’s spring.


The flowers don’t dance unless it’s spring.


The sweet seductress that spring is,


everyone reminisces about her,
even if it’s winter still!


Ribbed high neck : Adagio | Boots : Paharganj ( also worn here) | Beanie : old | Knee high socks : Forever21 | Sunglasses : CP street market

Featuring Floral and tassel Kimono and Pleated skirt by Indian Gully ( check out the previous post here )

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
– Percy Bysshe Shelly, Ode to the West Wind

No I am not just quoting P.B. Shelly, this actually is my mantra to survive through winters. I loathe winters and the winter nights are melancholy. I fell in love with this poem when I read it in 10th grade and also The Rime Of the Ancient Mariner. How can such deep meanings be encompassed in such simple words? How can people who write such beautiful things die so tragically? Poets are stories on their own.

It’s a relief that “Dilli ki Sardi” is not living up to its name. Greater Noida always has a temperature 2-4 degree lower than Delhi and I used to run out of sweaters to wear ( yes layering all of them together). But this winter, days have a pleasant 23-25 degrees and I can actually wear my knee-high socks with skirts. I am a lover of skirts, I love all prints, patterns and lengths of skirts. This skirt from Indian Gully is perfect and you can’t help but twirl in it and it has a lovely flow. I paired this skirt with an ivory ribbed top tucked in and a floral fringe kimono again from Indian Gully.  I love the romantic rose print it has and it reminds me of  Daisy when she’s on the yacht with Gatsby. To add a little color to the monochrome outfit, I added my oxblood knee-high socks. I added a black beanie, thrifted reflectors and a darkest plum for my lips to add a little badass vibe to the look.

This is my first post of 2016 and I hope to produce even better content this year for my blog. 2015 has been good for Moda Yalda and I hope to make 2016 even better. I want to create content that means something. A lot of brainstorming goes behind a single post, multiple shoots for a single outfit to turn my vision into reality and choosing perfect words to define those pictures. So I thought I would do a rather fun and relaxed shoot for this outfit. Though I have just reached 1K followers on my Instagram I am proud of the space I have created there. Curating my images into these tiny squares and creating a beautiful aesthetic experience is one of my prime goals. Do check out my Instagram and show me some love if you have time. I hope you guys too like the work I am doing cause the kind of work I am doing makes me really happy. Thanks for reading this post.

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Pictures clicked my Mommy!
Creative Direction and Styling Moi!

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