Why Having an Aesthetic is over-rated?

I talk a lot about how about how to style different  pieces, how to mix Indian and western styles (desi fusion), how to DIY, how to create a makeup look, fashion week street style, travel etc on my blog.

But if you ask me what’s my aesthetic, I will tell you that my aesthetic is all over the place and NO I don’t want it any other way! With the advent Influencers, Instagram and Social media, having an aesthetic is being hyped like nothing else. Tbh having an aesthetic does sound fancy, so how can anyone resist. 

Just for clarity when I talk about aesthetic in this post I am talking about both aesthetic and fashion aesthetic. Fashion aesthetic being how you dress, what’s your style like, is it minimal or maximal or street chic. Aesthetic being what is the general feel of the pictures or the content that you want to put out there!

Having an aesthetic is like boxing your creativity. What if someone tells you women blazer need to look a certain way, fitted ans short in length, and if that’s the case for real, we won’t see a diversity in fashion or style.

I have seen so many blog posts and YouTube videos talking about how to find your aesthetic. But I have seen no one telling you that how forcefully having an aesthetic is better than having none at all. By forceful aesthetic I mean the grainy Instagram feeds with pink and orange filters and it doesn’t matter if the filter works with the picture, ultimately making the feeds look like clones of each other. 

When I was being interviewed by the magazine Street Style Spotlight, I was asked how would I define my personal style (Like my aesthetic, my personal style is also all over the place) so I told them I am a fashion bipolar, I have no typical personal style, my style depends on my mood, some days I feel girly, somedays I feel punk, somedays I want to wear suits and there days when I don’t want to wear pants at all. We as humans are so accustomed to seeing similarity that anything that sticks out makes us feel uncomfortable.

Minimal Aesthetic – Color Blocking

I never have and I guess never will understand the need to box aesthetic or personal style into a certain category. Isn’t it like boxing creativity? I love being the fashion chameleon that I am. Being able to wear whatsoever I feel like. Once you stop trying so hard to find your personal style or aesthetic, your inherent aesthetic comes out.

I do not try to maintain an aesthetic for my Instagram feed, I just post whatever I like, but if you look at my feed you will see some kind cohesiveness and aesthetic that comes out which is not forcefully maintained.

I have been talking so much about this on my Instagram lately that I finally decided to write about it, maybe I will laugh at myself reading this few years down the line, maybe I will still feel the same, but right now this is what I believe in.

Finding an aesthetic, fashion or otherwise is over-rated!

What do you think?
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2 thoughts on “Why Having an Aesthetic is over-rated?

    1. Thank you for reading xx
      And yes it’s okay, it’s better than forcefully trying something or other the other to make it your aesthetic. Aesthetic is something that is intrinsic.

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