Where to find the perfect ethnic jewellery for weddings

   | Where to find the perfect ethnic jewellery for Weddings |

With the wedding season in full swing, one of the major problems is finding the perfect jewellery for your outfit. Though the markets are flooded with wedding jewellery, you really do not want to wear what everyone else is wearing. Another problem is finding the perfect match that goes with color of suit or finding the earrings whose stones match exactly with the color of your lehanga. Going to the market is very time-consuming and when you don’t find what you are looking for you do not even want to go to the market.

While looking for places to buy designer jewellery online, I came across and while browsing through their wedding collection I could find everything ranging from heavy bridal jewellery sets to jhumka earrings, chandbali earrings, kundan necklace and chokers. You name it and they have it. The wide variety and they have something to offer to everyone. Jivaana has products that have good quality and give you the value for money that you are spending. I have decided to share few of my favourite statement jewellery pieces  from their website that will definitely help you out while choosing a jewellery piece for yourself this wedding season.

I absolutely love this uncut diamonds kundan choker, it is such a statement piece, you can wear it with all your wedding outfits and later team it up with your classic white shirt and blue jeans as well. It’s all about reusing ethnic jewellery pieces.

Another favourite from Jivaana are these beautiful statement kundan chnadbali’s that will uplift any outfit and once you are done with wedding festivities you can pair this with all your flowy summer dresses as well. Win win!

One of the apprehensions I generally have while shopping for jewellery online is would the product look exactly like it has been shown in the picture, also you cannot be sure about the quality while looking at the products online. These are the few factors that always bug me whenever I plan to buy jewellery online. Looking at the variety of ethnic jewellery  that Jivaana has, I took the leap of faith and ordered a pair of earrings. The designs I saw at Jivaana, I had not seen such designs in ethnic jewellery else where on any other online jewellery portal.

I absolutely love this multicolored jewellery set and the best part about this set is that the pairing options are innumerable, you can pair it with a white outfit that matches with a pearls, you can pair it with a gold outfit, a red, blue or green outfit as well. The craftsmanship is really beautiful and intricate on this piece and it will certainly turn heads.

I am a fan of the pairing of gold with pearls and this is the perfect piece that can elevate any wedding outfit. The colors on this earring are understated therefore it can be paired with a lot of outfits. So the next time you are in a fix about where to buy ethnic jewellery for an upcoming wedding you know where to find it without wasting any time in the markets.

Happy Jewellery Shopping!
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