What I wore to my best friend’s engagement

Well getting your bestfriend married is a rollercoaster but not if your best friend is Garvita Garg, she was literally the most chill bride ever like she literally decided on her wedding Lehanga in a single day (believe me that’s a superpower right there), talk about knowing what you want and getting it.

We did a bridesmaid shoot in Chandini Chowk to satisfy our creativity driven souls, her then fiance and now husband Gitanshu did the shoot after we were ditched by our photographer last minute. Check out the bridesmaids shoot here! Now that she is having fun on her Honeymoon (LOL) I decided to talk about how I planned my outfits for her wedding functions.

Engagement outfit ideas

Twining in gowns, who said gold and silver together doesn’t work? We are totally making it work.

The first function was the engagement, Garvita was wearing a gown and she literally forced me to wear one too. Since I did own any fancy shamancy gowns, my friend and very talented designer Nitya Bajaj came to my rescue. I went to her store in Shahpur Jat to try on various outfits and when Nitya saw me in this gown she told me that I had to wear it.

Hourglass gown

The curves I was talking about!

Well, being the “over the top ” person I am, I fell in love with the gown, this gown literally gave me the curves I don’t actually have. This is beautiful muted gold gown with crystal and sequin embellishments and 3D embroidery.

Girls in gown

This me having a fun candid moment with the then bride-to-be. Somehow this picture reminds me of Gossip Girl when Blair and Serena do their photoshoot in the NYC

Since the gown was such a statement piece, I kept the makeup pretty minimal with a nude lipstick. Though I was wearing a very heavy gown, I still wanted to keep the whole vibe very fun and young, so kept my hair open without doing any over the top hairstyle.

Embroidered gold gown

Finally kept the accessories simple too with crystal chandelier earrings and a small gold clutch. I wore the most comfiest block heels and no they did not match with the gown but they were visible anyway so it all worked out.

Engagement gown

Get over the intricate embroidery on this gown

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more bridesmaids outfits because next I will be sharing what I wore on her Mehandi and Wedding.

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