What I gifted myself this Diwali

| What I gifted myself this Diwali |

Diwali is one of my favourite festivals. One you get to dress up. Two there are gifts involved.

I am crazy about leather jackets and I love collecting them. I want one each in the colors of rainbow please? No I am not kidding. I really want all the leather jackets I can get. I wanted to get myself a perfect leather jacket for winters in a pastel shade. I died a little when I saw this jacket. This leather jacket was perfection. I loved the pastel blue color, the vintage embroidery accents and the biker style. I found this beautiful leather jacket on

Pastel blue embroidered leather jacket

embroidered leather jacket

pastel blue leather jacket

Buy the pastel blue bird embroidered faux leather jacket HERE

I have been contemplating coloring my hair for an year now. I wanted to get an ombre and I was in a fix. While browsing through I was pretty excited to check out their wigs section. Oh and I was in heaven. I absolutely loved the collection of wigs they had and I wanted to get them all hehe.

I wanted to go for something dramatic like purple or pink or pastel blue maybe but I was not sure if the wig would suit me. So I decided to stick to a safer option. I choose a black hair wig with a silver ombre. I was pretty excited to try the wig. I was amazed by the fact that it did not look like fake hair at all. When I uploaded the picture on Instagram no one could guess that I was wearing a wig. Well I guess I am addicted now and it’s amazing how wigs completely transform the whole look.

ombre haircolor

platinum blonde

ombre silver hair

ombre silver hair

silver grey hair

Buy the silver ombre hair wig HERE

The most important question : What about the custom duties and shipping charges?

A lot of us have apprehensions about ordering from websites that provide worldwide delivery. I am always worried about the shipping charges and custom duties. Gamiss and Sammydress do not charge customs if you choose the normal delivery that they have, customs would only be charged if you choose express delivery.

About the shipping charges, most of the products on these websites have free shipping and for those products that do not have free shipping only charge a few dollars for shipping. I got both these products on free shipping and no customs so I was a happy kid.

I hope this shopping guide helps you out.

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