What “Camp” meant this Met Gala

Well if you also thought camp is supposed to be bonfires and tents, you aren’t alone! But what this year’s theme Camp : Notes on Fashion meant an aesthetic that depicts something so bad that it is good, camp has an ironic appeal, something so extra that it looks normal, something so ugly that it actually looks beautiful. When the term first appeared in 1909, it was used to refer to ostentatious, exaggerated, affected, theatrical, effeminate or homosexual behaviour.

At Met Gala 2019, Camp was all about being extravagant and extra with outfits full of exuberance having an theatrical appeal.

Talking about the theatrical appeal, Lady Gaga had a full 16 min performance at her entrance where she changed her outfit four times. Lady Gaga entered with a bright fuschia pink gown with exaggerated bow details. She removed the first layer and revealed her black ball gown with her black umbrella has the prop. Next she changed into a bright pink slip dress with the iconic cordless phone in her hand, which also held her lipstick and with hair and make-up artist and the paparazzi buzzing around her like bees, putting up a show for the actually paparazzi! And finally she changed into a black brassiere, fishnet tights and wore black boots that you couldn’t miss, another thing you couldn’t miss were her exaggerated expressions and her tacky pink lipstick. Are you taking notes on fashion?

Lady Gaga’s last outfit out of the four outfits she changed during her entrance to the met.
Ezra Miller with five set of eyes painted on his face holding a mask in his hand.

Ezra Miller steps on the red carpet only to slay. He wore a rather simple Burberry suit but he camped it up with the five extra eyes painted on his face, hot red lipstick with a mask in his hand.

Katy Perry in custom Moschino at Met

Katy Perry lit the Met dressed up as a chandelier. She wore a custom Moschino dress, definitely inspired from Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. Are you taking notes on fashion?

Priyanka Chopra Jonas in custom Dior.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas came to slay in her Custom Dior gown and Nick Jonas? Not so much. Priyanka Chopra was on point with the theme with her over the top make-up and big hair, it was too much that it actually looked normal. Her hair and makeup gave me major Mad Hatter vibes from Alice in Wonderland.

Celine Dione looking like a literal angel who has ascended upon us from heaven Met Gala style!
Trace Ellie Ross with a frame around her face.
Jared with Jared wearing Gucci.

If you are one of those people who saw the Gucci show and thought only models on runway can walk with their own heads in their hands, Jared Leto proved us wrong. He arrived at the Met with his head in his hand wearing Gucci. So weird that it actually did not look weird. Very Camp!

Cara Delevingne wearing every single shade in the rainbow with false teeth, Bananas and candies in her headgear.

Through there were these people who slayed the runway, there were some celebrities who did not really pay heed to the theme. The Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, wore gorgeous custom made Versace gowns, so beautiful that you couldn’t take your eyes off them, very red carpet but not camp fashion at all.

Kylie and Kendall wearing custom Versace Gowns that have nothing to do with Camp : Notes on Fashion theme for the Met Gala 2019

Deepika Padukone also wore a pink barbie inspired gown, the look was beautiful but the look was not Met Gala appropriate. She played it safe once again like she already has in the past.

So those were all my thoughts about the Met Gala 2019. What did you think about the costumes this year and which was your favourite? Talk to me over my Instagram.

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