Vintage Heirloom for day 2 of LMIFW AW19

I am the kind of person who likes to style their outfits way in advance, try them on and do a little fashion show in front of the mirror, it’s a process. But this time around I decided to attend the fashion week only for a day. Going to fashion week on Day 2, was a last minute decision as I had a shoot in the same area as I mentioned in my vlog and I wanted to attend the Huemn show happening that day.

For styling and putting together last minute outfit decisions like these, I was always have a few outfits styled in my head and this outfit is one of “those” outfits.

I have this baby blue vintage brocade blouse with puffed sleeves and it definitely is one of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe. It is the blouse that my mom wore on my 3rd or 4th birthday. I absolutely love the style of this blouse and the puff sleeves are right on trend too. I decided to pair the blouse with my jeans from Zara.

Vintage puff sleeves blouse
Vintage Brocade blouse with silver heirloom belt

I never thought I would ever wear jeans to fashion week because :
(a) I hate jeans, I feel like they are very casual and do not look cool (my crazy ideas yea yea)
(b) I don’t find jeans comfortable in the hot humid summer weather
But I think it’s safe to say that I am pretty taken with these cause they are high waist and the fit is very retro. All that being said ( umm written?) I feel they went pretty well with the whole vintage vibe!

vintage blouse with jeans
Jeans but make them high fashion!

I decided to cinch in my waist using this statement silver belt. This pure silver belt formed a part of my Dadi’s wedding trousseau, the craftsmanship on this belt is impeccable and this piece was passed on to me as heirloom. It is something that I would cherish forever.

Vintage Silver Belt
Heirloom Silver Statement Belt
Brocade vintage blouse
Serving lewks at Fashion (fashun) week !

I am obsessed with pop of colour on my eyes, so to match the baby blue on the blouse I decided to do an electric blue eye shadow and nude lips.

Electric blue eyeshadow
Electric Blue eyes

I also did a little “get ready with me for Fashion week” video on my YouTube channel because you guys absolutely loved this makeup look when I posted it on my Instagram.

To match with my heirloom silver belt, I decided to go for all silver accessories. I carried a mini rhinestone encrusted bag and wore my trusty old silver block heels. Also, I am obsessed with hair accessories and I was lucky enough to find this red crystal encrusted hair clip in my local market.

red crystal hair clip
Red crystal hair clip

So this is what my last minute vintage and heirloom outfit for Day 2 of LMIFW AW19 looked like and I absolutely love how it turned out. Need more fashion week inside stories? Watch my fashion week vlog.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
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