Victorian meets modern

| Victorian meets Modern |
A romance between ruffles and fur

fur coat and jhumka

fur coat and hand painted grey ruffle skirt

Ruffle heels

black fur coat street style

ruffle shirt and black fur coat

black fur coat indian fashion blogger

grey hand painted vintage skirt black fur coat and jhumka

black fur coat street style

fur coat street style indian fashion blogger

Hand-painted vintage ruffle skirt : Adagio | Fur coat : Local Exhibition | Ruffle shirt : Vasl | Ruffled mules : DIY

The winter came all of a sudden, didn’t it? It was sunny one day and the freezing winds the next. I was such a happy kid when the winter was not so extreme. Anyhow the good thing is it is the legit “fur weather”.

I had this look in mind for the longest time and planned to shoot it with a photographer but things did not work out well. The whole idea behind this look was Victorian meets modern Indian. Ruffles are a common element in my shirt, skirt and shoes. If balanced well, the ruffles become a part of the outfit instead of over-powering the outfit. Each of the pieces in this outfit are statement pieces on their own but together they fit like pieces of a puzzle.
The ruffle detailed shirt and the hand-painted ruffle skirt from Adagio are the Victorian fashion inspired pieces in my outfit. The black faux fur coat and the silver Jhumka’s add a touch of Indian modern to the outfit. The ruffle shoes are a DIY and I had shared a video on how to make them on my instagram. ( if you haven’t check out the video check it out here)
Wearing a skirt in winter is no easy task and with temperatures dropping to 4 degrees it just seems kind of impossible.  I had worn pants beneath my skirt and you can also layer your skirt with a thermal or pants, it makes a huge difference,trust me.
This look is so easy and yet it makes a strong statement. Keeping the base outfit monochrome and adding a fur coat or a leather jacket is my mantra this winter. What is yours?
Photography by my amazing friend Jasmin (Check out more of her work here)
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