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upcyled fashion

upcycled fashion



Denim Dress : Doodlage Official | Red Jhumka’s : Jewels by Sahiba | Temple Ring : Adagio

I do not like to stick to the rules and even you should not. Experimentation is fun!

Surely Doodlage is a rebel in clothing, the first brand to introduce upcycled fashion in India. We buy clothes, more clothes, wear them a couple of times and finally discard them. The fast fashion changes in a jiffy, we just buy a trend and it’s already fading..gone.. whoosh

Doodlage works on recycling the clothes to make high street upcycled fashion, thus reducing the carbon footprint that the textile industry produces. Increasing industrialization, globalization, fast fashion and ever-growing buying power among people has popularized a culture of quick disposable fashion. This label re-designing,re-constructing and re-cycling good quality second-hand clothing and industrial waste. Thus each piece of clothing has a story of  its own and a unique  identity and individuality. No two pieces produced are identical.

India is relatively new to the concept of upcycled clothing but when clothes look as drool worthy as these I sure none of us would mind investing in an upcycled fashion piece. This denim patchwork dress is certainly one such piece. How chic is the embroidery? Rebel.  A fashion rebel. Always.  This dress is upcycled from different pieces of denim.

I styled this dress with beautiful red and gold jhumka’s to complement the gold embroidery on the dress and some bright red heels. Taking inspiration from the Geisha’s I made high space buns (a failed attempt to copy their hairstyle). I have never seen any geisha without a bright red lipstick hence the bright red lipstick. I wore a gold temple ring to complete the look.

So what do you think about upcycled fashion?

Do check out Doodlage Official and you will fall in love with their work. Believe me, I am a big fan myself!

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