Fashion Time Machine 2.0

Fashion is sacred to me,


Something that I find in the streets,


something that fills my heart with delight,


Fashion for me is infinite.


Fashion is in the million colors of sky as the sun melts into a sunset,


the color of the flowers,


and the twinkling of stars.


Fashion for me is infinite.


Button-up denim dress : Sarojini Nagar Market | Stripe scarf : mom’s closet | Wooden Flatform Wedges : D&C, GIP | Bracelet : mom’s closet | Hoops : Local Market | Tan Belt : Borrowed from brother | Bag : Vintage

Fashion is infinite. Fashion isn’t all about runways and designer labels, fashion is an art. Places inspire me a lot, how people of different regions dress, the kind of textiles and process they used for making their clothes is enlightening to me. My personal style is my canvas for all these inspirations. You don’t need a wardrobe full of clothes to be called fashionable or stylish. Repeating clothes isn’t a faux pas anymore, it is a measure of one’s creativity, how well can one  style a single piece is truly a real measure of style.

I love all things vintage and lately have been inspired the fashionable era of the sixties and seventies. I love how ladies were so well dressed and poised. So I decided to do two posts on how to style this denim button-up midi dress. Having limited amount of clothes doesn’t mean you are less fashionable and these posts are meant to emphasize that. In the previous post (here), I styled the scarf as a head wrap (head turban) and here I wore the scarf around my neck and added the waist belt over it. I adds subtle pop of color to the monotone blue denim dress. I kept all the elements exactly same as the previous post and just added a vintage black leather handbag and the look turned out completely different. We should be creative with the clothes in our wardrobe rather than cribbing about the dearth of clothes.

A simple element like a scarf can make so much difference to the same piece of clothing and complete the look entirely. The last look with the head wrap was more of a casual bohemian look and this is a crisp look that gives an air of sophistication and power. Chiffon scarves have been one of the most prominent accessories of retro fashion. Scarves have been styled in various ways during the seventies and sixties, head scarfs, head turbans, around the neck or tied in place with a belt. I tried to style this iconic fashion accessory in two different ways. Do tell me which of the two looks you like and don’t forget to check out the previous post here. Also, I would be doing a tutorial on how to tie a head scarf soon, so keep checking my Instagram for the same.

I hope you have checked my post about nineties fashion here which was all about soft grunge meets dark bohemian. Do check it out. I hope you like this series of posts where I have styled by midi button-up denim dress with the iconic accessory (chiffon scarf) from sixties and seventies.

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