Threads of existence

Threads of Existence

We barely think about the process that goes into making our clothes when we wear them. Just like cell is the basic unit of life similarly thread is the language of our existence. India has a rich culture of weaving and Handloom. Harrapans used to weave cotton that was traded with other civilisations. With the advent of English, the indigenous weaving and handloom industry crumbled. Weavers have always been fighting the existential dilemma. This problem exists even today and they are barely able to make their ends meet due to cheaper machine made alternatives available.  I came across a brand “Nool” (tamil for thread) that grew out of an imperative need to sustain handloom weaving – a craft on the verge of extinction.

From the rhythm of the Handloom to the dexterity of the tailor’s stitch they believe in things handwoven, practical and beautiful in every sense of the word. Their latest collection is called “Kattam” which means ‘checks’ in Tamil.

This story depicts the liberation of the modern day women – not struck in the shackles of her checks – it may be her boxed kitchen or her checked square work cabin or the kind of checks she has in her head, perception, instinct or imagination. Rather She is born to liberate herself and the humans around her. She enjoys working in the kitchen, cooking for her is a stress buster. She enjoys her walks in the streets, she finds liberation in being alone with her thoughts.

Girl in a dress

Her kitchen does not box her. Wearing a dress does not stop her from wearing her favourite jhumkas. She wears roses in her hair while going for a walk. 

Grey dress with Jhumka

Anti fit dress

handloom dress with jhumka

silver jewelry

braids with handloom dress

Anti fit dress

Indian women in kitchen

roses in hair with dress

Grey button up dress

cotton dresses

cotton dress

anti fit dress

Indian Fashion

Wearing both the dresses by Nool

“I am relieved
I see the feminine presence
In a man’s eyes.
It means
He is at peace
I do not have to
bring to him”

Salt. By Nayyirah Waheed

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