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Upcylced Dress : Door of Maai | White cut out boots : Koovs

It’s been raining here in Delhi and grey skies are synchronous to the monsoons, though I am more of a blue skies and flowers kind of person, I wanted to capture the grey gloomy weather this time. The grey weather does look dreamy.
I wanted to wear my grey dress to complement the grey weather.

In the world of fast fashion, where trends changed in a jiffy, Door of Maai is one of the few brands that stay true to their aesthetics. Pooja, founder of Door of Maai, tells me that her label is about being trendless and timeless and this strongly comes out in her designs. She believes in creating neat, clean and distraction free clothing for the modern women. She believes in sustainable fashion. It is often overlooked the amount of pollution the fashion industry creates while producing a single piece of garment. Fashion at the cost of environment?

The grey dress that I am wearing is a part of her upcycled collection, creating clean and crisp designs from left overs and scraps. The silhouette of the dress is clean, strong and minimal. Sustainable fashion is beautiful. Staying true to the aesthetics of the dress, I kept the look clean and minimal. I wore my white chunky boots and braided my hair to one side and added a little twig to the end of my braid. I wanted the whole color pallet to be composed of greys and whites. The dream catcher added a touch of dreamy to the gloomy grey weather.

Sustainable Fashion is just a matter of choice.
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