Story of a girl




Story of a girl.

Story of a girl - white dress

Indigo silk pant suit

Cotton kurta

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Story of a girl.

Our outfits are a projection of how we are feeling. If we are feeling or and gloomy we tend to pick up darker shades like black or dark blue. Our mood decides how we dress.

This is a story of a girl who likes to dress up and her mood dictates what she wears.

She dresses up in a white flowy dress. made from the softest cotton when she’s happy.
They told her she is a girl of color,
they told her do not wear white.
But white made her happy. The dress is as uninhibited as her personality. The dress becomes a part of her as she moves. She dons a suit when she is feeling fierce but the color and flowers adds a hint of playfulness projecting her personality. She wears spring on her clothes. She loves her jhumka’s and she loves her bindi. She layers her kurta’s with her shirts. She wears her dresses with her bindi’s and matha patti.

This is a story of a girl.
And aren’t we all that girl?

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