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How many times have you guys heard stuff like you are too short to wear a maxi dress?

You are too fat to wear horizontal stripes?

You are dusky, bright colors won’t suit you?

You are too thin to wear a bodycon dress?

A hell lot of times time right?
But why do you even care? People are going to judge you anyways.

But there are a lot of us who themselves believe all this crap to be true. I remember gifting a dress to one of my friends in the same color that I am wearing and she did not wear it cause the color did not suit her. We need to get over these misconceptions. I am all for breaking these so-called fashion rules. You should always wear what you like and you need to be body positive.

I know all of us have gone through a phase with your bodies, where we did not like the way we looked or how fat/skinny we were. We need to work towards self acceptance. When approached me for this campaign I was elated. I have always wanted to talk about body shaming on my blog and I could not get a better opportunity to talk about it on a platform as big as Dusky women are always told about what colors to wear and what to avoid. I never paid attention to any of those and even you should not. I have always believed that if you the confidence to wear something nothing can stop you from looking fabulous in it. I think all the colors suit me. Dusky people have often been told not to wear white. I wore white in a recent post and I love it. A lot of times I have been told not to wear colors as bright as Indian Pink. But I don’t understand why? Indian pink is a color that best suits the dusky Indian skin tone.

India’s obsession with white skin knows no bounds. All these famous celebrities endorsing fairness creams and various fairness treatments makes the situation even worse. It’s just ironic that there are no advertisements or celebrities endorsing about healthy skin. In our country being fair is synonymous with being beautiful. We need to stop this body shaming. Self acceptance and standing up for ourselves is the only way to do it.

Stop body shaming.

We are born real.
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