Slip Dress for Spring

Street Chic with Slip Dress

Part II
Wear your slip dress for a street chic look 

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Dress : Clovia | Lace-up flats : gifted | Clutch : Hong Kong |  Choker : DIY | Neck Chains : assorted | Aviators : RayBan

You guys might think I am crazy for wearing my nightie aka my slip dress as a day dress. Certainly there are pretty flowey floral dresses out there to wear for spring but how can I not wear a dress as pretty as this, with beautiful black satin and intricate lace. Why is it always floral for spring? When we can totally wear black for spring. If you believe me there is no color of the season. Colors are just colors. Why is plum a color for fall? Plum is a beautiful color and it can be worn in any season you want. I seriously think that such pretty night-clothes should not be just confined to our bedrooms. Why are slip dresses only worn as night dresses?

Bad-ass women follow no rules, they make their own rules. If you like it, wear it. End of the story. I love experimenting with fashion. When I saw this dress, I knew I could not, I would not wear this beauty as a night-dress. You could wear it as a slip top tucked in with a black high waist jeans and army boots, how rad would that look? Or where it like a skirt with a loose knit sweater over it or maybe over a tee. The possibilities are innumerable.

I decided to go for an all black look for this post. Also I tried something different with my hair which is totally evident. I suck at hair styles and these two dutch braids to me an hour to make with my sister laughing at my several failed attempts in the background. Man it was tough! Okay so finally coming to the look. I kept the look pretty simple by layering two neck chains with a choker. I carried a black box clutch and wore my absolute favourite pair of suede lace up flats. I added a pair of aviators and pop of plum lip color and voila! This is as simple as it gets. This look is grunge yet feminine and the choker and braids add the nineties vibe to the look.

I hope you have checked out Part I of styling night wear for a street chic look. If not, check it out here.
You can buy the black lace slip dress here at

If you still think I am crazy for wearing my slip dresses for a street chic look, think again, cause I am not the only one.


Image Courtesy : Google Images

Rihanna rocks slip dresses like a pro for her street chic looks. I am not that crazy after all. Hehe.
Check out the Part I of the series here.
I hope you guys like the look.

Thank you so much for taking out the time to read this post.

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