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Fashion Time Machine Part I

sixties fashion

vinatge fashion

vintage fashion

sixties fashion

sixties fashion

vintage fashion

sixties fashion

waist belt

sixties fashion

Vintage gingham mini dress : | sunglasses : Vajor | Wedges : Gifted | Fish net socks : Local Market | Velvet Clutch : Vintage heirloom

Sixties was a decade that broke many fashion traditions.

The women liberated themselves from the matronly clothing of the fifties with evolution of the mini dress in sixties.  The mini dress was the centre of evolution of the sixties fashion, women were not only showing their legs but also their freedom.

French designer Courreges invited the iconic sixties Mini. Mary Quant had a small boutique at King’s Road in London and she popularised the mini. Her mini dresses had a basic A-line design. After Mary’s success, Chanel, Dior ans Y’ves Saint Laurent came up with even shorter couture version of the mini’s thus popularising the mini in the rich and fashionable strata of the society.

Sixties was a time of change in fashion. Until the sixties, high-profile designers from Paris and London dictated style for people but in the sixties, the common people dictated the fashion trends and the designers had to keep up with them.  The women sported exuberant over-sized sunglasses and high puffed hair. Sixties fashion was not for the faint hearted, it was all about making a statement.

I am a lover of vintage fashion.

When I thought of doing this series I knew I had to do the iconic mini dress for the sixties. I found my perfect gingham mini dress at, where Shruti curates beautiful one of a kind vintage dresses. Sixties was a time when girls used to go to local fairs, dressed up in their mini dresses and have fun. I wore a high-waist belt to accentuate my waist. I added a pop of tangerine with my heels, worn with fishnet socks. I teased my hair into a high puff and added statement sunglasses. A pop of red on my lips and I had the perfect sixties look.

The beautiful velvet clutch has been given by my grandmother to me. It’s a beautiful shade of brown with green and golden glitter abstract pattern on it. I do not have any idea how old the clutch is,but it certainly is one of my most prized possessions.

            Did you like the sixties look?A simple girl having fun at the local fair.
Stay tuned as the second part is coming up this weekend.

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