Six latest trends straight from the Runway (AIFW SS18)

If you follow the Fashion Week posts that I do on Moda Yalda, you must be aware that I generally share my favourite shows from each day of the Fashion Week, but this time I tried to make things fun by doing a trend forecast post about all the trends I saw dominating the runway this Fashion Week.



Monochrome has been one of the huge trends for quite sometime now. Too much matchy-matchy earlier frowned upon, will now get you the nod of the Fashion fraternity. To be honest, it has been one of the easiest trends to do, all you gotta do is find separates in the same/similar color and wear them, your outfit will look really fashionable and put together.

Monotone is not going anywhere and it is a trend for SS18 too. The Runway saw monotone separates from designers like Sahil Kocchar in white, Huemn in shades of Red and Purple. Ikai by Ragini Ahuja displayed separates in the form of tailored pants with crop top and a over-sized summer coat or trench to go with it. The colors that dominated the Runway for monotone pairings range from black and white to browns, army green, pista green to red and purple.

Monotone separates has to be one of favourite trend from the Runway of AIFW SS18.

Sahil Kochhar AIFW SS18


Huemn for AIFW SS18


Black tailored separates by Ikai for AIFW SS18


Guapa for AIFW SS18


Monotone separates by Ikai


Khakhi separates at Elle First Cut


Huemn SS18



Androgyngy meets Femininity, the mix of hard and soft elements, this was another trend that was seen in abundance at the Runway this fashion week.

Whether it was pairing a sheer flowy and feminine dress with tailored shirt and flared bottom pants by Dhruv Kapoor or pairing a pink feminine dress with tailored pants and bomber jacket by Love Birds.


Dhruv Kapoor for AIFW SS18


Hemant and Nandita mix feminine dress with a tailored jacket. A prefect balance of hard and soft elements.


Love Birds for AIFW SS18


Dhruv Kapoor SS18



Ruffles are having a huge moment right now and who doesn’t love ruffles? Ruffles were incorporated in a crazy number of ways in the clothes this Fashion Week. Be it the tiny ruffle details on the sleeves of the shirts or ruffles at the hems of the crop tops or skirts done by Hemant and Nandita. My favourite has to be the pink dress with huge ass ruffles!

If you are looking to invest into a trend this Spring-Summer, ruffles should be on the top of your list!

Hemant and Nandita for AIFW SS18


Bold colors and crazy ruffles. Dress by Guapa for AIFW SS18


Ruffle hem details by Patine for AIFW SS18


Pink statement Ruffle dress by Hemant and Nandita for AIFW SS18



There is nothing groundbreaking about prints being always in trend for Spring/Summer but there is something very comforting about wearing prints in Spring/Summer. The print queen Anupamaa Dayal did bold prints in bright colours however Shivan and Narresh did prints inspired from a tropical summer. Payal Jain did bright, intricate botanical inspired prints that looked like a beautiful painting.

Anupamaa for AIFW SS18


Patch work with flower prints. Verve by Pallavi Singhee for AIFW SS18


Botanical prints in bright yellow by Vineet Behl for AIFW SS18


Tropical prints by Shivan and Narresh SS18


Bright, colorful and beautiful botanical prints by Payal Jain
Vineet Behl SS18



Gone are those days when layering meant winter fashion. You seriously are living under a rock, if you don’t layer your summer clothes. Layering was the easiest trend to spot this Fashion Week. Each designer had elements of layering in thier collection, be it sheer layers, printed layers or monotone layers.

Layer your bustier over your shirt as done by Rimzim Dadu or layer your dress over a shirt as done by Dhruv Kapoor and Payal Jain on the Runway, the possibilities are numerous.

Brown monotone layering by Soltee for AIFW SS18


Bright Red Bustier layered over a white shirt by Rimzim Dadu


Dhruv Kapoor shows you how to color block and layer like a boss for SS18


Sheer layers by Sahil Kochhar for AIFW SS18


Payal Jain shows you how to layer your maxi dress over a white shirt


There’s no rule that says you can’t layer two crop tops. Hemant and Nandita slay at Layering for SS18



It was Archanavijay Gupta’s debut at the AIFW SS18 and I instantly fell in love with her designs. Amalgamation or art and fashion is the reason I started my blog and my brand and seeing art inspired fashion on Runway made my heart swell.

Her prints are art inspired, inspired from paintings and doodles in general. I also loved Madhu Jain’s hand-painted dupatta’s, you can get a better view of her dupatta’s on my AIFW SS18 Vlog.

Doodle Saree by Archanavijay Gupta for AIFW SS18
Mythological handpainted Dupatta by Madhu Jain for AIFW SS18


Art inspired Portrait sketch Dress


Scribble Dress with Doodle Coat


Portrait top with pants and coat

So these are the six trends that I loved this Fashion Week and the best part is that you can easily work these trends into your Spring/Summer Wardrobe!

Check out how I get ready for Fashion Week and come inside the Fashion Week with me to see the shows on my AIFW SS18 Vlog.

I hope you liked this not so little trend forecast piece that I write for AIFW SS18. Do comment if you want to see similar posts.

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