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Irrespective of the fact whether one is a fashionable person or not, shaadi’s get everyone excited. Indians have this extravagant love for weddings, hence shaadi fashion with all its bling and cham-cham never goes out of style. So in this post I tried to capture the essence of a day of a typical Indian wedding and how the Ladkiwaala’s (friends and family of the bride) feel.

I. Getting Ready

indian wedding

Whether Bhabhi, Mami or friend everyone takes their own sweet time to get for a girl’s wedding.

Indian wedding



Indian wedding

II. Waiting for the Barati’s

indian wedding fashion

The Ladkiwala’s wait for the barati’s with their swag on, ready with flowers to throw on them.

Indian Shaadi Fashion


III. The Shaadi


Shaadi is all about getting your A-game on and bling on.

wedding fashion


purple dress


Purple Bhabhi Maxi Dress : Mae | Chic bag : ANQI

Indian weddings are all about extravagance, bling and glam. Fashionable or not, everyone loves shaadi fashion. Though lehangas, sarees and suits are the mainstream options for wedding, would you ever wear a maxi dress for a wedding or a slip dress maybe or pants that ooze bling? No? Yes? Maybe? For me it’s a definite yes! Okay now don’t think that I am a fool because Mae has the most fun quirky wedding collection called “Ladkiwala” inspired by the bride’s family.

I have a long romance with the color purple and when I saw this purple “bhabhi dress” I fell in love with it. It is the right amount of bling and comfort. I paired this dress with a golden tissue dupatta, though it can be worn as a maxi dress too but it never hurts to add your personal style right?

I wanted this look to be a balance with modern and traditional hence the maxi dress with dupatta. My style is always over the top so I wore a gold nath and gold earrings. And what was missing was a bag that defined my outfit, chic isn’t it? Absolutely love how the bag works out with the outfit.

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