Power Dressing

Power Dressing in Power Blue

Ready to take over the world wearing Brime

Power dressing





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Power Dressing


Blazer and pant set : Brime | Silver Heels : Zara | White Crop Top : Zara | sunglasses : Dulce Couture | white nace choker : DIY

I love how formal dressing has broken its conventional definition and has given birth to power dressing.

Power Dressing started in the second half of the 1970s and developed in 1980s. Power dressing is a style of dressing that screams power and authority. This style evolved when women started when started entering professions that were primarily dominated by men and this style has no looking back. I love how formal dressing has broken the traditional blazer, shirt, tie and pants look.

Since I hate being mainstream and love experimenting, I love brands that do experimental fashion. The Brime is one of my favourite brands for the same reason. For this look I chose this beautiful pastel blue blazer and high-waist wide legged cullottes from Brime. I love how the blazer is longer in length than the traditional blazers. I paired the cullottes with a white crop top with super cute flowers on it to add the element of fun to the look. You can pair your crop tops with high-waist trousers and the minimal glimpse of skin adds a dash of sexy to powerful. I am totally obsessed with chokers of all kinds and this look could not have been complete without one. I made this choker from a scarp piece of cloth lying at home ( p.s. I am planning to do a DIY choker video too. Who’s excited?).

I wore my favourite silver reflectors and silver heels from Zara. I wanted to keep my hair and make-up clean and minimal so I parted my hair in the center and tied them into a low ponytail and wore a deep plum lipstick. I love how powerful this look is that it requires no accessories at all. I feel like I am ready to take over the world.

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I hope you guys liked this look. You can shop this look from
So what are you waiting for? Start brim-ing.

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