My Picture on display at Nationaal Van Museum Welderculturen

My work on display at a museum in Netherlands.

I could not have asked for a better end to the year, the year ended with ticking off one thing from my bucket list! I being a lover of art and museums, had an unrealistic dream of my work being displayed at a Museum. I always used to tell people and laugh about it and I would never have imagined that my dream would actually come true. Though it must seem very cliché but this is what it is! But never in my dreams I had thought that my work would be on display internationally. And it’s just not my work that’s going international, it’s my mother’s work that is also on display at museum, for she is the one who clicked this picture!

My work is at display at the Nationaal Van Musuem Welderculturen in an exhibition about jewellery titled “Sireaden” (Jewellery Made by, Worn by)

The exhibition is a non-profit educational display, intended for general public and will run for 10 months (Dec 2017 – Sep 2018) at two locations of Nationaal Van Museum Welderculturen : Museum Volkenkunde (Leiden, NL) and Africa Museum (Berg en Dal, NL).

There are people, looking at my work, displayed in a Museum in Neterlands. Can’t even believe that this is for real!

The exhibition takes you along the worlds of four different materials : gold, silver, natural materials and glass. The exhibition has a special catalogue that will help the audience navigate through the exhibition. This catalogue is available at the cash desk for 2 euro’s. Besides the functional role of the catalogue, it provides beautiful additional pictures and background stories of the makers and wearers of jewellery to the audience.

This picture is currently on display at Museum Volkenkunde – the Netherlands’ national museum of ethnography from December 2017 to June 2018. In this picture I am wearing a self designed Lehariya dress and layers of jewellery. When it comes to jewellery I believe in going all out!

This being the last post of the year 2017, I wish you guys a beautiful start to the New Year.
Thank you for sticking by!

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