5 ways to wear your leather jacket for transitional weather

5 ways to wear a leather jacket for transitional weather

Let’s do leather one last time?

Spring is here. Can you see the flowers blooming? Spring is my favourite season. Summer and winter clothes both become our best friends. Though spring is short-lived, here one day, gone the next, dressing for spring is something that I enjoy immensely cause you can dress up in both summer and winter pieces from your wardrobe.

A black biker jacket is what most of us are obsessed with. I am! (Though right now I am obsessed with white biker jacket but that’s a thought for some other day.) I decided to style this quintessential wardrobe staple in five ways for the transitional weather for those of you, who like me, want to hold on to our leather jackets a tad bit longer.

LOOK 1 : Not getting out of my PJ’s

Don’t want to get out of your PJ’s? No problem. Throw on a statement printed tee and layer it with your leather jacket. You can go for a pair of sneakers but I went for grey heels to finish my look. Put on your favourite sunglasses and rock those PJ’s on the street gurl! You feel the vibe?

biker jacket with tee

Printed Goddess Tee – Janpath

t-shirt, joggers and leather jacket

PJ’s – Adagio | Heels- Talons Dor | Sunglasses – Jacobs Creek | Biker Jacket : Old

t-shirt and biker jacket

LOOK 2 : Dress it up

Well that caption is quite literal, all you have to do to dress your leather jacket up is to put on a dress. I went for midi length bodycon auto-striper dress and paired it up with black tie up black heels.

bodycon dress and biker leather jacket

Stripe Midi Bodycon Dress – Adagio | Heels : Jabong

black sunglasses and leather jacket

Look 3 : Thoda Indian Fusion ho jaye

You can all judge me all you want but I am gonna wear my leather jacket with my kurta and dupatta and won’t forget my jhumkas. It looks cool doesn’t it? A paired my sleeveless white kurta with ripped boyfriend jeans, added jhumkas and kohlapuri chappals and topped it all with my biker jacket.

Indian fusion

Kurta : old | Dupatta : Mom’s |

dupatta and leather jacket

Ripped jeans : DIY  | Kohlapuri chappals : Exhibition | Jhumka : Local Market | Glasses : thrifted

Indian fusion street style

LOOK 3 : Wear you biker jacket to wedding

Yes wear it cause you can. Though some aunties will give you the “looks” but this look is too good to pass on! I paired my banarsi silk skirt with a velvet top, added a gold coin necklace and wore my leather jacket. Put on some bling-tastic gold shoes and you are ready to rock the wedding.

benarsi silk skirt

Banarsi Skirt : Made by mom | Golden flats : Sarojini Nagar | Velvet top : Sarojini Nagar

bohemian street style

Gold coin necklace : Instagram Store

Wear biker jacket to wedding

LOOK 5 : Let out your inner Yeezy

Let out your inner Yeezy girl! Damn right! Do it! ( Well only if you want to)

This look is really (y)easy. All you gotta do is wear your khakhi hoodie and pair it with your cargo pants in a similar shade and layer it with your biker jacket. This look is perfect to tackle the chill when heading out at night.

Khakhi outfit

Hoodie : Adagio | Cargo pants : Adagio

biker jacket

Brown Boots : Street style store

khakhi hoodie and black biker jacket

I hope you guys like this series. As the winter is fading away I have this sudden urge to wear all of my leather jackets and fur until I can and if you follow me on Instagram you know it already.

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Shot and styled for Cosmopitan India.

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