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Well most people say that you should have basics in your wardrobe, basic tees , basic shirts, basic dresses but I think your wardrobe should have anything but basic. I am guilty of investing in a lot of statement pieces and that is what gives my wardrobe a personality. These pieces are what makes you stand out.

You might have seen this look earlier. I shot it with Aliya and Aalok  from Matargasht . Being the shy person I am, I was really nervous about this shoot, but when I met Aliya we got talking like we knew each other forever. These pictures have turned out amazing, haven’t they? Well I am in awe of Aalok’s photography. He’s killing it.



Army and Military-inspired fashion has been in vogue since a long time. I love everything about this trend, the neutral colors, the clean cuts,the crisp lines, the well-structured designs and the fact that it projects a look of power and authority.



This skirt is one of my favourite statement pieces. I wanted the attention on the skirt so I paired it with a simple khakhi top. With the color khakhi, pearls and tassels in shades of grey, khakhi and military green, I aimed for Military-Bohemian look.



I added a sturdy, well structured leather satchel to the look. To add femininity and to break the monotony of the colors, I wore my pointed cherry heels. You don’t want to look like a member of the armed forces.



Inspired from the pictures of my grandfather in his uniform that I saw as a child, I knew this look would be incomplete without a classic pair of aviators.



The tassels add a hint of bohemian free spirit to the rather to tough and authoritative look.



” Lips as black as poison”
I went for the darkest shade of brown for my lips and left my hair open for an easy utilitarian look.


The fact that I designed this skirt makes me love it even more. You can buy this Military-inspired tassel and pearl skirt at Moda Yalda. To order, drop an e-mail at

Khakhi top : Adagio | Statement Skirt : Self Designed, buy here | Satchel : Kanpur Leather Export Market | Heels : Vansons | Avaiators : RayBan

Lip Shade : Untamed by Lip Couture

I hope you guys like this post, I tried to mix two very different fashion elements, Military-Inspired and Bohemian fashion in this one. Read about my thoughts about fashion on Matargasht too. Do pour in your comments.

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I would be posting a DIY military-inspired soon on Moda Yalda. So keep checking out for that one.
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