I wore a dress that I bought for 35 rupees to Fashion Week

Why I wore a 35rs dress to Fashion Week?

My idea of fashion is, it’s not about the clothes but the person who wears them. I am not a brand fanatic ( I do buy brands and a disclaimer, I do not look down upon people who love branded clothes) but there is a certain thrill that is involved in thrift shopping, going to Sarojini Nagar and finding a piece of clothing from the big pile of clothes, that steals your heart. It is like a treasure hunt tbh!

Such is the story of this Silver Shirt Dress. I visited Sarojini on a Monday to check the Sarojini Nagar Monday Market that all the YouTubers were going gaga over ( check my Sarojini Nagar Monday Market Guide here and the Haul here) and I was not disappointed, I actually bought 10 outfits in INR 350 (cheap thrills guys, Sia knows how important cheap thrills are)

I found this silver dress at the first pile I was looking at,  before even entering the main market, I found two pieces in the same silver fabric, a t-shirt dress and this shirt dress, my mom suggested that I should go for the shirt dress and I am so glad I did. This dress literally stole my heart it looked so glam and so high fashion that I decided it to wear it for Fashion Week.

If you are someone who reads my blog regularly, you know how much I love monochrome aka matchy-matchy dressing therefore I decided to go for an all silver look. I wore my oversized  35rs Silver Shirt dress from Sarojini Nagar and paired it with my sheer polka dot socks worn with silver block heels which are so comfortable, that they deserve a special mention, as I was on my feet the whole day. I paired it with a custom-made quilted silver belt bag with pearl details and ditched the silver strap that it came with for a cherry one. And I finally wore shiny af silver crystal earrings, well definitely not a person who follows one statement accessory rule. I was just scared that I might blind people because I was a shiny disco ball!

With so much going on with my outfit, I kept my hair and makeup pretty simple, with a low bun and nude lips, I did add my micro vintage glasses though. I was so happy with my 35rs silver shirt dress outfit, I think my sister was pretty embarrassed when I was going on about telling people “Oh you like it? I got this dress from Sarojini for 35rs” , in my defence, I was an excited electron to find this dress.

Crystal Earrings : Avra Chic

Silver belt bag : ANQI | Vintage Micro Sunglasses : Bhuntar Market
Silver Shirt Dress : Sarojini Nagar Manday Market
Silver Block Heels : New Look from Koovs | Sheer Polka Dot socks : Local Market
Also check out my Sarojini Monday Market Guide to find such amazing pieces for yourself. If you want to see what else I bought from Monday Market, check out my haul video.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, do let me know in the comments what you think about it.
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2 thoughts on “I wore a dress that I bought for 35 rupees to Fashion Week

  1. You are my soul sister when it comes to thrif shopping i guess and even that we share the same love for the jewellery. Guess what I was there at Fashion week and u are the i e who caught my eyes. I couldn’t stop talking a out you and your earrings. But I didn’t know who you were. But I have this immense belief in Law of Attraction adn energies that i attracted you on my Insta feed and I gotcha girl!! You just inspired me to go to Sarojini Nagar real soon. Hugs to you.Jiya

    1. Oh you should definitely visit Sarojini Nagar, it is a paradise. Yes law of attraction works in more ways than one, would love to meet you, love and hugs xx

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