How to look like a Million bucks in street shopped clothes

| How to look like a million bucks in street shopped clothes |

Happy New Year guys. I am finally back after a much-needed 11 day blogging break and now I can’t wait to share all the amazing content with you guys. This post was shot in October 2017 and I couldn’t post it at that time because I got down with dengue, then I couldn’t take the pictures from my friend Ishan (who also happens to be the photographer for this post) so it kept on getting delayed.

But I am so glad that this is the first post of 2018 because it is a collaboration with my dear friend Shivani, founder of street style and music blog The Velvet Radio

In one of our conversations we had discussed how people generally are obsessed with branded clothes, how people think the more expensive the brand is, the more stylish they are. So I suggested Shivani that we could do an under 500 challenge where in we could street shop our clothes from Sarojini Nagar and wear them for our shoot.

I am a firm believer of the fact that money can’t buy style. You can rock a 50 rupee dress like a fashionista or ruin a Gucci dress by making it look like crap. So coming to the outfit that I am wearing, it cost me INR 350 and I got it from Sarojini Nagar. I got my khakhi parka shirt for INR 150 (and believe me I had seen a similar one in Forever21 for INR 1600) and I suppose this shirt is from some cadet training uniform from the stamp it has got on the back. The crochet brown pencil skirt is for INR 100 and stacked belts that I am wearing were a deal of 3 belts for INR 100.
I am a fan of military chic look and that is what I went for. For the accessories I wore hexagonal sunglasses and satin embellished choker. I carried a half-moon suitcase bag with my initials monogrammed on it and wore my rust mules. You can read about Shivani’s look on her blog here.

HOW WE MET : Me and Shivani, met through Instagram and our love for editorial shoots got us talking, though our styles are completely different we have more in common than we could ever imagine, both of us have engineering as our backgrounds started blogging due to our love and passion for fashion. Instagram DMs got converted into calls and when she told me she was coming to Delhi for attending the Fashion Week, I knew we had to shoot something together.

Styled by Charuta and Shivani

Photographed by Ishan Singh

Assisted by Akshita Mandhyan

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  1. I still remember how I was cooking in my kitchen and then we talked for the first time! I loved meeting you girl. You are a gem of a person and can’t wait to meet you again ❤️

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