Lazy Day Dressing


|Lazy Day Dressing wearing my Hogwarts tee|

hogwarts tee

septum ring

lazy day dressing

hogwarts t-shirt and choker

death eater notebooks hogwarts tee


septum ring , choker

Hogwarts t-shirt : The Souled Store | Death Eater notebook : The Souled Store |Tights : Old | Septum cuff and choker: The Skating Duck

Oh how I remember the time in school! As soon as the Harry Potter Novel would be out my friend would read it all night to come to school the next day and annoy the shit out of me by threatening me to tell the story and boy I would get annoyed. Well Harry Potter is something sacred, don’t you agree? Words weave magic. How silly I had been as a kid to think that one day I would receive a letter from Hogwarts too and you would be lying if you read Harry Potter and didn’t think the same. I went crazy when I saw Harry Potter Merchandise at The Souled Store, they have everything and I was super excited to get my own Hogwarts tee (finally being a part of Hogwarts after all these years).

There are some days, days with dark gloomy clouds when I do not want to go out and just stay at home in my comfortable clothes to work on blog or read a novel with a big cuppa coffee or just study. Such days call for lazy day dressing and this what this post is all about (and also the fact that I love my hogwarts tee so much that I wear it almost every other day). I paired my hogwarts tee with tights, wore a choker and the septum ring (from Skating Duck) that I have been obsessed with. This post has no fashion experiments and is basically about a lazy day in my life. Well, everyone needs one. I did absolutely no makeup and tied my hair up with a messy bun, just the way I like it. Lazy days are the best. Buy your Harry Potter Merchandise here.


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