Easy Last minute Halloween outfits

| Easy last-minute Halloween Outfits |

The craze for Halloween has been on a continuous rise in India. My craze for Halloween started back in college, our first hostel party was a Halloween party and after that there’s no looking back.

In the two years that I have been blogging, this is my first ever Halloween post on the blog. I decided to do two easy Halloween outfit posts.

LOOK 1 : The Psychotic Nurse  

The story behind this Halloween outfit was that the psychotic nurse used to work in a children’s hospital and one horrible night the hospital burned down leaving only her alive and that really took a toll on her mental balance.

This Halloween outfit is super easy if a make-up noob like me can do it you can too. Throw on you favourite white dress even a bodycon would work perfectly. I wore my white sneakers. I used my foundation as a base and used a red lipstick to make the dark bloody circles under my eyes. I did a smudged lipstick and dripping blood on face, neck and forehead using the lipstick. I made the stitches using my black eye-liner and tadaa I was done.

To add character to my Halloween outfit I carried a pink teddy bear that says ” Love me”.
Spooky right?

Halloween outfit

halloween nurse outfit

nurse outfit

Zombie halloween makeup





LOOK 2 : Bad Beti

Inspired by artist Maria’s hate copy artwork and make up artist Jasmine Lakhesar’s bad beti makeup. Since the #badbeti movement was trending on Instagram I decided to do my own bad beti make-up too. Since Diwali and Halloween falls at almost the same time this year why not try a Desi Halloween look.

I used a kajal stick to make the skull face and a black eye shadow to do the eyes. The make-up is pretty easy. Make sure you put a foundation base. To add the desi touch to the look I added a Matha Patti (Indian head-gear) and a nath (Indian nose ring). I layered to dupatta’s and I was done. Easy.


bad beti makeup

Halloween outfit

The best part about these halloween outfits is that you don’t have to rent/buy a proper Halloween outfit. You can totally do these looks with the make-up and clothes that you already have.

Thank you for the love you guys showed on my “Style your old Lehanga in four ways post”. If you still haven’t checked it out, check it out HERE.

Happy Halloween Guys.

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