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Grey outfit



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Grey crop top : Forever21 | Grey leggings : Forever21 | Heels : self-designed from Talons Dor | Necklace : Fab Bella

Monsoon greys. The skies have been grey for a long time now. Do you like monsoons? I have a love hate relationship with the rains. Too much grey depresses me, also the mess after the rains is unbearable. Well I took inspiration from the grey monsoon skies for this look. I took a personal challenge where I had to dress using only grey.


If you follow my blog you might be very well aware of my love for co-ords. So I searched my wardrobe for greys and I wore a crop top and high waist leggings. Also I was super excited to pair it with my self-designed heels from Talons Dor . This is my  favourite pair right now (for obvious reasons), the suede and tassel detail is the winner. The best part about designing heels at Talons Dor is that you can customise every single part of your heel, the heel length, heel type, color of the heels, insole color! You name it,they have it. Crazy right? You have to got to check them out.

I absolutely love silver jewellery and this statement necklace from Fab Bella adds the much-needed pop of color to my outfit.Oh don’t miss the cute little pom-poms? I wore my earring as a Nath this time, talk about alternative uses of jewellery! Wore my favourite brown lipstick and tied up my hair in a messy bun because monsoon=humidity.

Okay so we need to talk about that clutch now. I got it around 4 years back from an online store called Done By None and it is so rad. It was my favourite online store and it’s sad that they shut down. Does anyone know why? On a different note, I absolutely love how the clutch completes the look.

Design your own pair of heels at Talons Dor.

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