Music of Fashion

She swayed with the music as the flowers danced with the wind,


The sun lit up her hair and kissed her skin,


She forgot all her worries as the music filled the air.


She glided like a wing,
who’s seen tough weather,


She did not want to be poet’s poem,


She did not want to be a photographer’s muse,


She wanted to be a musician’s song.


Like the dandelions that soared the sky,


Music gave her the freedom to fly.


She wasn’t afraid of losing some feathers,


as long as music made her fly.

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Dress : Gifted by mom | Mom’s kurta worn as cape | Black rose headband : DIY | Lennon glasses : Gifted (you can find similar at janpath or sarojini nagar) | Army boots: Paharganj Market | Bag : Sarojini Nagar Market

A 90’s kid, a music lover. Music helped her with the nasty break-ups and gave solace her solace when she felt lonely. The music made her feel alive, feel the blood rushing through her veins. Music taught her lessons that no on gave. Music made her happy.
She did not want to be a poet’s poem,
She did not want to be a photographer’s muse,
All she wanted was to be a musician’s song.

Music is an escape for 80% of people in the world, also flowers can grow faster by listening to music (I found this fact really interesting). It can be well established that music is the panacea for all our worries. While Listening to music our brain releases a chemical called “Dopamine” that relaxes us or makes us happy. Well I love music festivals and I bet you do too. The music, the happy vibes and the best part is the fashion which has no rules. Festival fashion is my favourite street fashion or should I say field fashion? With Bacardi NH7 Weekender Delhi just around the corner I am super excited about this post on festival fashion. Festival fashion generally has a hippie, vintage or bohemian inspired fashion. The out of the box fashion, flower crowns, head gears, body chains, what’s there not to love about the festival fashion? I combined two fashion elements, soft grunge and bark bohemian elements for this fashion story.

The girl is born in nineties. She is excited to go to the music festival with her friends. She is clueless about what to wear. Then she decides to embrace the 90’s fashion with a dark floral skater skirt that her mother gifted her, choker necklace, deep berry lips and the iconic Doc Martens like boots that she thrifted (totally awesome for walking in festivals, you see!). She is happy how to dark floral print of the dress complements the black rose headband and the cape gives her look a dark bohemian vibe. Loads of silver hardware on the hands and a rad black leather bag to carry her essentials. She never leaves the house with her 70’s inspired John Lennon sunglasses.

I tried to incorporate 90’s fashion trends like soft grunge and dark bohemian in this post through the story of a girl who is a music lover. If you need some more inspiration you can check out these posts here and here for an all white festival outfit. Even if you don’t have a music festival to attend, this look would make an amazing fall outfit.
I hope you like this look.

Styling, conceptualization and creative direction : me
Amazing photography by Aditya Saxena (follow him here on here)

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Until next time.

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