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 |An Experimental Fashion Story |

In Hindu Mythology,

Durga is a warrior Goddess that fought and defeated evil.


Featuring You are my sun earrings and Blue Lak Clutch from Krafted with Happiness.




Banjara earrings







Earrings : | Goddess Durga tee worn as dress : Janpath | Lak Clutch : | sneakers : Addidas originals

Do I believe in Religion?
Do I believe in Goddess Durga?
But there is one thing I believe in, like Goddess Durga each Indian Women is a warrior, a warrior who fights evils daily, during her commute from work to home, fighting for her education, her equality.

There is no doubt that the amalgamation of religion and mythology has resulted in some beautiful art. This tee for example, how intricate and beautiful are the details? These t-shirts with images of Gods and Goddess printed on them were so in vogue a few years back. I got this tee from Janpath a year back for 250 bucks.

You know how accessories can make or break the outfit?
Well if you follow my blog, you know my love for Banajara Fashion and my love for Krafted with Happiness which sells beautiful handcrafted bohemian jewelry and bags. This tee, earrings and lak clutch fit together like pieces of puzzle. Since the tee was big for me, I wore it as a tee dress.  The Bindi for sure has made a comeback. Bindi’s have broken the traditional barriers and one can see people spotting Bindi with dresses, tee and jeans, and oh boy! I am so loving it. I love how experimental fashion has empowered street style. Jhumkas with tees, bindis with dresses and there’s no going back.

Taking inspiration from the experimental fashion, I styled these beautiful earrings (which generally one would style with something ethnic like a kurta) with my Durga tee and I did a little bindi art on my forehead, with a big bindi in the centre and smaller at the sides. I added a beautiful blue lak clutch that perfectly complimented the tee. With a color riot happening in the outfit, I decide to go for monochrome sneakers. I added a deep plum lipstick to complete the look.

So what do you think about my take on experimental fashion?

You can find the earrings (you are my sun) and clutch (luscious lak clutch) on Krafted with Happiness.

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  1. Again an awesome post.. Love how you experiment with clothes rather than following trends blindly or just for the sake of it.. Keep up the good work.. Always a fan.. 🙂

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