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Though I absolutely love prints, prints can be intimidating for a lot of people. A lot of people refrain from wearing prints because they generally think prints won’t look good on them but what fun is life if we don’t experiment? And if you are someone who is a maximalist like me, print on print is going to be your favourite trick in the bag. I chose a floral print because a lot of people who are intimidated by prints are kind of okay with florals.

These 3 tricks will make you a pro at styling print on print :

  1. So the easiest way to style print on print is to choose the same print like here I paired floral with floral.
  2. Another trick is to pair those prints that have the same colour tone or belong to the similar colour family, here green is the common colour in my dress as well as in my cape/trench.
  3. Pair the same print in different sizes, here sizes refer to the size of the print that is going on. I paired my pista green slip dress that has small floral print going on with the cape that has a bigger floral print going on.

The star of the outfit is definitely this floral jacket/cape that I am wearing. With the street style coming into mainstream I have been spotting these cape jackets everywhere. I mean just put on a plain white tee and some high waist denims and layer this jacket, the result is a cool girl outfit. However me being me, and my love for maximalism, I decided to go for print on print.

This unisex jacket has a rather boxy silhouette and since your girl loves a mix of femininity and androgyny, I paired the jacket with a feminine slip dress with a frill hem. Since all girly girly would have made Charuta a dull girl, I decided to pair the outfit with black booties. I got these ASOS boots (yes! Asos!) from Mcleodganj Market from a street vendor just 800 rupees (check out my vlog here) . Finally wore my newest jhumka’s to complete the look (kyunki dil hai hindustani).

Print on Print is such an easy style cheat, all I literally did was pair two floral garments together and I got such an effortless cool girl outfit in a jiffy. The outfit looks so put together.

Also the jacket says Almost Gods! How Freaking cool is that?

Almost Gods Jacket : Almost Gods | Floral Slip Dress : Xloth | Boots : Mcleodganj Market | Jhumka : Sarojini Nagar | Flowers : Local Market wale florist bhaiya

I hope you guys enjoyed the visuals. The next time you think print on print is not for me just remember what fun is life without some experiment? Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram for fun stuff.

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