Dressing up this Pujo

| Dressing up this Pujo |

They say that if you want to see Durga Puja in its full glory you should visit West Bengal. With each passing year, looking at the beautifully decorated pandals that look straight out of a movie set, reading about the scrumptious food that is cooked during the pujo and the high spirit of the almost month long festivities makes my heart yearn to experience the pujo even more. People are dressed in their festive best to do pandal hopping.

Durga Puja  epitomises the victory of good over evil, I believe Durga stands for empowered women, she fought and killed the demon Mahishasura, just like the modern-day woman fight the societal evils everyday. What inspires me the most during the festival is the religious art, how beautifully the idol of Durga is made, how gorgeous the pandals are! Durga is the deity I have always been inspired by when it comes to fashion, be it the raw silk Durga dress that I wore or the pop art Durga t-shirt.

Sometimes you find accessories that are so beautiful that you end up styling the whole outfit around that accessory. That is exactly what happened in this outfit post. I wanted these gorgeous hand-painted Durga earrings to be the main focus, also since this is my hypothetical pandal hopping outfit so it had to be over the top. I paired the statement durga earrings with bright pink brocade slip dress with flared denims. I tied my hair up in a high ponytail and went all out for my make-up with graphic eyes and deep plum lip color.

I wanted a pandal hopping outfit that is comfortable and makes a statement at the same time so this is what I came up with. What do you think?

Hand-painted statement durga earrings : Adagio


Pink brocade slip dress : Adagio | Hand-painted statement Durga earrings : Adagio | Flared jeans : Max

Concept : A girl, all dressed up, is waiting for her friends to go pandal hopping. The messy room and clothes give a visual back story of the options she went through to find the perfect outfit to go with her Durga earrings.

Happy Pujo!

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2 thoughts on “Dressing up this Pujo

  1. I have always been a fan of your styling and your creative designs and I am so stoked to not only meet you this weekend but also create awesome memories with you ! Love you girl ❤️

    1. Shivani. You have no idea how excited I am for tomorrow. So glad to have found someone like you who resonates with my thoughts and thinking process. Can’t wait to whip up some magic together.

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