Diwali Goddess

Diwali is the time of the Goddess.


A face as calm as the tranquil waters,


embodying golden fire around her arms and neck,


She burned bright like a golden sun.


She is the turbulent storm,


She is the placid skies,


A love that nurtures growth,


A wrath that causes upheaval.


The face of a woman,
The face of a Goddess.


Kurta : Self-designed | Blue Maxi Skirt : Self-made | Bangles : Delhi Haat | coin Necklace : hot as red | Maang Tika : DIY using anklets and earring | Kohlapuri Flats : Sarojini Market

I believe in real fashion, the fashion that is for real people, so I won’t ask you buy colorful embroidered Lehangas from XYZ store, rather I would tell you how to amp up your basics for this festival. Diwali is one the most beautiful festivals. The streets come alive, the houses sparkle in rainbow hues and everybody is dressed in their festive best. I love how I can spot so many well dressed people on the streets during Diwali.

Every Indian girl has a self-designed kurta in her wardrobe which is the result of a certain number of rounds to her local “Darzi” and all that “bhaiya aisa neck chahiye” sessions with him and I am no different.  The kurta I am wearing in this post is made from two colorful lehariya chunnies with a beaded neckline and intricate colorful flowers embroidered on it. I was exhilarated when I saw this kurta and wore it for my first ever pop-up shop during college fest.

For the Diwali look I decided to pair this Kurta with a blue maxi skirt that my mom made for me. I added a “Maang Tika”(head chain)  that I had made from 4 anklets and an earring. I wore a golden coin necklace from Hot as Red and added golden bangles that I got from Delhi Haat. Though I am a lover of silver jewelry, I think gold is the color of festivity. I kept the make-up pretty simple to balance the loud outfit. Talking about fashion myths, I wore a bright coral lip color which is said not to suit the women of color. Don’t let the trends tell you what suits you and what doesn’t, until you try it out and decide for yourself.

As cliche as it may sound but I love going over the top with my accessories and attire during these festivities, you can always count on me for being over-dressed on Diwali. So if you are clueless about what to wear this Diwali, search your wardrobe, mix and match pieces and go crazy with the accessories and channel your inner goddess. Don’t go for florals if florals are in vogue this season, don’t go for tassels if tassels are the rage, rather go for something that defines your personal style cause if you follow the trends blindly, you too would fade with the trends. So this is my mix and match Diwali outfit which doesn’t require buying expensive stuff, you just need to balance the right pieces from your wardrobe. I hope I can help you guys in deciding your outfit this Diwali.

Wishing you guys a very happy Diwali.

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Until next time.

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